14 Ways to Evade Botnet Malware Attacks On Your Computers

botnet malware attack

Cybercriminals are busy innovators, adapting their weapons and attack strategies, and ruthlessly roaming the web in search of their next big score.

Every manner of sensitive information, such as confidential employee records, customers’ financial data, protected medical documents, and government files, are all subject to their relentless threats to cybersecurity.

Solutions span a broad spectrum, from training email users to ensuring a VPN kill switch is in place, to adding extensive advanced layers of network protection.

To successfully guard against severe threats from hackers, worm viruses to malware, such as botnet attacks, network managers need to use all tools and methods that fit well into a comprehensive cyber defense strategy.

Of all the menaces mentioned above to a website owner’s peace of mind, botnets arguably present the most unsettling form of security risk. They’re not the mere achievements of malicious amateur cybercriminals.

They’re state-of-the-dark-art cyber-crafts. What’s most rattling about them, perhaps, is their stealth, their ability to lurk around seeking vulnerabilities to exploit invisibly.

How Do Botnets Work?

Proliferating botnets is not one of the…


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