Android Police’s Toolbox for Google Play Store extension is now available for Microsoft Edge

You might not have heard about it before, but we have a browser extension that adds a few nice features to the web Play Store: Toolbox for Google Play Store. It offers APKMirror integration, easy beta program joining/leaving, and more. You’ve already been able to download it on Chrome, Opera, and Firefox, and now we’re introducing support for the new Microsoft Edge.

The new Microsoft Edge port uses the same codebase as all other versions of the extension, so you’re not missing out on any of Toolbox’s features. However, it’s only available for desktop Edge, since Microsoft hasn’t added extension support to the Android browser. Toolbox does work with Firefox for Android, though.

You can download Toolbox from the links below. If you found a bug or have a feature request, leave them in the comments or on the issue tracker.

Toolbox for Google Play Store

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