Apple Quietly Remove User Reviews from Online Store

The Ratings & Reviews section in the online Apple Store has gone dark all of a sudden, and by the looks of things, it’s Apple the one who pulled it for a reason that’s yet to be disclosed.

A report from AI indicates that the user reviews section was pulled “at some point between the evening of November 16 and the morning of November 17.” Apple, however, hasn’t explained its decision, and it’s not clear if the company wants to bring back this section to its online store or this is the new approach that it wants to stick with going forward.

It goes without saying that removing user reviews from the online store can easily backfire, as some might criticize the company for the lack of transparency, especially because it’s Apple’s products the ones that are being sold here.

Bug maybe?

Not all reviews are positive, and the removal of the entire section could make some think this is an attempt to hide the negative posts for one or more Apple products.

On the other hand, there are users who think reviews are no longer required, as they’re often biased and not necessarily accurate. While this is true at some level, the majority of companies, be they first or third-party stores, still allow user reviews as living proof of integrity, especially if they’re negative.

However, given Apple hasn’t said a single thing about its decision to remove this section, there’s also a chance it all happened due to a bug or a security concern, in which case the company should bring it back at some point in the near future.

We have reached out to Apple to ask for more information about its Ratings & Reviews section in the online store and will update the article if an answer is offered.

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