Apple Releases watchOS 6 for Apple Watch with New Apps and More Health Features

Apple released today the final version of the watchOS 6 operating system for Apple Watch devices, a massive software updates that brings new apps, new watch faces, and exciting new features for wellness.

Apple Watch wearers can now update their devices to watchOS 6, a major update to the Apple Watch operating system that introduces Activity trends, Cycle tracking for women, hearing health innovations, a new Calculator app, new insights to motive you to stay fit and healthy, as well as the App Store for downloading app directly on your wrist with automatic software updates.

But first, you should know that watchOS 6 requires an iPhone 6s or later running the just released iOS 13 operating system or later, and it’s compatible with Apple Watch Series 1, Apple Watch Series 2, Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, and the recently announced Apple Watch Series 5, which hits the shelves on September 20th.

Here’s what’s new in watchOS 6

Highlights of the watchOS 6 release include new Cycle Tracking app for women to track their menstrual cycle with features like period predictions and notifications, fertile window predictions and notifications, as well as the ability to log fertility metrics like basal body temperature and ovulation test results.

To make you stay fit and healthy, watchOS 6 introduces Activity Trends, a feature that shows your activity metrics, such as move, exercise, walking and running pace, stand, stand minutes, distance, VO2 max, as well as wheelchair roll, roll minutes, walk and run pace, from the last 90 days compared to your data from a year ago, and gives you tailored coaching tips.

Moreover, the Workout app has been updated to show the current elevation metric for Outdoor Run, Outdoor Walk, Outdoor Cycle, and Hiking workouts, display the stopwatch during workouts, shuffle your workout music playlist, and support gym equipment from True and Woodway.

Supporting only on Apple Watch Series 4 and later, a new Noise app is now available to show you the decibel levels in your environment and notify you if the noise rises to a level that could permanently affect your hearing. Moreover, the Voice Memos app is also present to help you record voice memos on the go.

For the first time ever, Apple introduces the App Store on your wrist, allowing you to search and download Apple Watch apps directly on your device instead of relying on your iPhone. App Store supports the new Sing in with Apple feature for more privacy, as well as curated apps and collections.

Finally, an official Calculator app is now available on the Apple Watch with watchOS 6 that supports tips and split the bill features. Also new is several new watch faces, including Numerals Mono, Numerals Duo, Meridian, Gradient, California, Solar Dial, and Modular Compact.

The Infograph and Infograph Modular faces now support monochrome complications, and users will now be able to add new complications for Audiobooks, Calculator, Cycle Tracking, Noise, Wind, Rain, Voice…

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