Apple Wants More iPhone 11, Fewer iPhone 11 Pro Max Units

Apple has reportedly adjusted production of new-generation iPhone models in order to align it with global demand, and by the looks of things, the cheapest and most expensive versions are the ones being targeted.

A report from Digitimes indicates that Apple increased component orders for iPhone 11, as the device is selling better than anticipated.

iPhone 11, which replaces the iPhone XR in Apple’s lineup, comes with an LCD display and is available from $699 in the United States, so it’s $50 cheaper than its predecessor.

iPhone 11 has been said to sell particularly well in markets previously dominated by mid-range Android flagships, including countries like China and India, but people familiar with the matter say this model is selling well elsewhere too.

And while Apple prepares for an increase in iPhone 11 production, the company’s also reducing component orders for iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In other words, this means sales of the largest iPhone this year have so far failed to gain traction, so Apple’s slowing down the production in order to align the existing inventory with the global demand.

LCD iPhone could survive in 2020

A very interesting tidbit included in the linked report claims that sales of the iPhone 11 are going so well that Apple is even considering retaining an LCD model for the 2020 generation.

Previously, it was speculated that Apple would make the switch to a full OLED iPhone lineup for 2020, with the successor to the iPhone 11 itself to also give up on LCD.

But according to this report, the next-generation iPhone 11 may end up using LCD as well, allowing Apple to keep this price point. A switch to OLED could generate a price bump, and given the current market performance of iPhone 11, keeping the LCD around for one more year is once again considered a viable option.

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