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Dr Yii: RM1,000 fine for not wearing face masks in public places too high especially for lower income group

KUCHING: Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii is urging the government to revise the blanket RM1,000 fine imposed on offenders for not wearing face masks in public places in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr Yii said the RM1,000 fine is too high especially for the lower income group.

Not only they may not be able to afford to pay up the fine, they may not even have enough to buy face masks in the first place, he argued.

“To me the RM1,000 fine for not wearing face masks in public places is too high especially for the lower income group who may forget to wear their face masks. They may not know of the policy or standard operating procedures (SOP).

“If we look at Victoria, Australia, their fine for an offender is A$200, which is about 6.7 per cent of Australia’s minimum income. Whereas in Malaysia, RM1,000 is about 83 per cent of the RM1,200 minimum wage.

“This is not fair considering our principle is to educate, not just to punish,” Dr Yii said in his debate on the motion of thanks for the royal address by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong during the Dewan Rakyat sitting this morning.

He suggested for the government to impose fines in stages, where first time offenders may be fined between RM200 and RM300, with the fine escalating for repeat offenders.

He said if the fine is too high as it is now, this may also open up opportunity for corruption among the enforcers.

Dr Yii also suggested for the government look into ways to provide accessibility to face masks and the use of reusable masks like what is being implemented in Singapore.

He said on Australia’s government official website, they even have a video showing how the public can make their own fabric masks at home.

On a related topic, Dr Yii also urged the government to clarify on the mandatory face mask policy especially on the definition of “public places”.

He said some of his constituents were confused on what is considered as public places because there have been no specifics gazetted or listed in any official government websites or publications.

“What was announced by the minister (Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri) was very general, like public transportation, markets, shopping malls and other public places.

“This definition is too general and is causing confusion. If we look at the model in Australian, their government listed all the places that face masks are needed to be worn, including some exemptions,” said Yii.

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N. Korea declares emergency after ‘runaway’ virus defector returns

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un convened an emergency politburo meeting on Saturday to implement a “maximum emergency system and issue a top-class alert” to contain the virus, official news agency KCNA said. – AFP photo

North Korean authorities have imposed a lockdown on the border city of Kaesong after discovering what they called the country’s first suspected case of the novel coronavirus, state media reported Sunday.

Leader Kim Jong Un convened an emergency politburo meeting on Saturday to implement a “maximum emergency system and issue a top-class alert” to contain the virus, official news agency KCNA said.

If confirmed, it would be the first officially recognised COVID-19 case in the North where medical infrastructure is seen as woefully inadequate for dealing with any epidemic.

KCNA said a defector who had left for the South three years ago returned on July 19 after “illegally crossing” the heavily fortified border dividing the countries.

But there have been no reports in the South of anyone leaving through what is one of the world’s most secure borders, replete with minefields and guard posts.

Pyongyang has previously insisted not a single case of the coronavirus had been seen in the North despite the illness having swept the globe, and the country’s borders remain closed.

The patient was found in Kaesong City, which borders the South, and “was put under strict quarantine”, as would anybody who had come in close contact, state media said.

It was a “dangerous situation… that may lead to a deadly and destructive disaster”, the media outlet added.

Kim was quoted as saying “the vicious virus could be said to have entered the country”, and officials on Friday took the “preemptive measure of totally blocking Kaesong City”.

The nuclear-armed North closed its borders in late January as the virus spread in neighbouring China and imposed tough restrictions that put thousands of its people into isolation, but analysts say the North is unlikely to have avoided the contagion.

South Korea is currently recording around 40 to 60 cases a day.

Earlier this month Kim warned against any “hasty” relaxation of anti-coronavirus measures, indicating the country will keep its borders closed for the foreseeable future. – AFP

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Police hit the brakes on Sarawak Day convoy in Miri for flouting condition

The participants marching through Miri Marina area to Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre. – Picture by Mohd Aliff Idzwan Abdullah

MIRI: A vehicle convoy to commemorate Sarawak Day here did not go on as planned after the police required its 50 participants to walk instead.

Miri Police Chief ACP Lim Meng Seah said the police had the right to stop any organiser from running their events if they fail to comply with the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012.

He said the law had been amended in 2019 to include Section 4 (1) which allows street protests including parades.

“We had informed the organisers that they cannot hold a vehicle convoy but they went against the condition. Therefore, the police have the right to stop their convoy,” he said when contacted.

He also said that police presence at the event this morning was normal as they have to monitor the event under Section 15 Peaceful Assembly Act for security and sensitivity.

A letter, sighted by The Borneo Post, from the police to the organiser on July 21, 2020 had stated that a vehicle convoy was not permitted.

Signed by Lim, the letter said the police only allowed a parade on foot and in accordance with a list of dos and don’ts.

The event was jointly organised by Members of Gabungan Anak Sarawak (Gasak), Sarawak for Sarawakians (S4S) and Sarawak Independence Alliance (SIA).

A spokesman, Yeo Yaw Lee, said they were happy to carry on with their event after some misunderstanding among the event participants.

He said the 2020 Miri 722 Convoy was initially planned as a vehicle convoy to promote the significance of Sarawak Day but the plan was changed at the last minute to a foot parade due to Covid-19 pandemic.

He said they had targeted about 20 vehicles involving 30 to 40 participants for the convoy.

The parade, which lasted about an hour, started from the Miri Times Square to the Miri Waterfront Commercial Centre.

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Virtual Employees

Virtual Employees:  Case Study

Virtual employee will today in this article is our focal point, Whenever we say something is “virtual” in modern terminology, we are nearly always speaking about something connected to the web. So Virtual Dating is growing rapidly dating online. “Virtual” does not necessarily mean something that doesn’t exist. However, it implies you’re replacing an ordinary physical entity having a real but typically unseen entity that lives online.

The popularity of proper business planning would be to incorporate a hostile “virtual marketing” plan together with your traditional plans. So it seems sensible that eventually the proceed to virtual sources would achieve human sources using the accessibility to virtual employees.

Within the last 2 or 3 years, virtual employment has had off and be a really real source of companies wanting to make use of valuable experience and subject material expertise that can’t be found in your area. Agencies, for example, Team Double-Click and Rent-A-Coder offer an army of prepared to work professionals that may part of and obtain employment done rapidly and efficiently to have an employer.

The apparent first usage of a virtual employee is always to subcontract to produce an online employment agency certain task-specific projects who have a brief starting, middle and finished. Creating a new function right into a website is a great one of the project that may be packaged into an understandable project and signed to an online consultant to do the job and go back to the internet employer. The handling agencies collect funds via escrow so neither the business or even the consultant is at risk and also the handling company claims a portion of the fee in their purchase facilitating their bond. Everyone wins.

But the idea of virtual employment goes beyond supplying another variation on outsourcing to some consultant. Many virtual employment agencies provide administrative assistants, sales support and lots of other functions normally connected having a full-time worker but individuals services are carried out “virtually”; A virtual office manager might have calls routed to their remote phone, emails redirected and conduct office conferences and negotiations with vendors via email or IM. With such technology advances, an online assistant can offer nearly every function an on-site assistant could possibly do but achieve this cheaper towards the employer.

The virtual employment trend running a business has apparent benefits for companies that require qualified help. It paves the way for recruitment sources that may supplement the neighbourhood talent pool. Many occasions virtual staffing agencies might have on their own “employee roles” individuals with a specialized background or skill. The company is good at defining precisely what their client companies need and matching in the right virtual worker towards the job, therefore, the business has got the right skills where they require them, once they need them and just as long because they need them.

Additionally, towards the benefits that virtual employment has for companies to fill needs for skilled workers, it’s a great source of gifted workers who wish to contribute to the corporate world by themselves terms. Virtual workers almost globally work from home or where they made a decision to work. Frequently the job is task-based having a deadline, therefore, the worker can choose the hrs that match their loved ones and private schedules best. And, as employed by a temp agency, the worker can take shape a resume using the agency that improves the calibre of work they overcome time.

Virtual staffing is really a trend that’s been successful for those involved because it has matured within the last couple of years. We are able to search for this 21st-century methodology for getting in gifted workers to keep growing as more companies get confident with staffing their worker ranks “virtually”.

Blogging Strength

The Strength Of Blogging

Blogs are becoming more popular nowadays. You will see that the figures of blogging sites are increasing. In addition, you’ll notice innovations already making its way into blogging.

For instance, instead of pure text content, there is now photo blogging where you can now share your pictures with other bloggers. Aside from the usual call and text features of cellular phones, now you can use it if you want to post your blog. It just manifests that blogging is really becoming popular to people.

If you are not reached yet by the popularity of blogs, continue reading and see for yourself why blogging is just popular to almost every Internet users.

What is Blog?

Before anything else, what is a blog? Generally, it is a web page that has brief and distinct information also known as posts. These posts are arranged reverse chronological order (which can be, the most recent comes first) and every post entry is recognized by an anchor tag which can be marked by a permanent link that can be referred to by others who wish to link to it.

Blogs are thought to be a way of communication and you will find numerous forms of messages carried by blogs. Some you will find are just vacuums that point to other websites, others display their greatest essay, some are personal diaries, and others promote the newest technology. In other words, bloggers can write anything they want.

Why Blog?

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs posted on the Internet daily. With these numbers, one question will just pop-up in your mind: Why do people blog?

The reason behind is through blogs, people can express themselves freely. Yes, there are other mediums you can use to show to the world what you have got. You can write articles and columns for a local newspaper. But the question is, are you sure all that you have written can be printed? Writing blogs gives you the power to get what you have written printed immediately. No questions asked nothing more to be asked.

Another reason why many people are blogging is the freedom of design, layout, and its structure. You do not need to have navigation architecture designs of a website nor a structured menu. You can write anything about what you want regardless of what it looks like. Your point is to attract readers in the way that you think is the best. That is the power of blogging-giving you the freedom of what you want your blog to look like.

Before you start your blogging hobby, you need to know first the blogging tools. These tools enable you to post your blogs either on your own website or to a certain blogging community. One popular blogging tool is Blogger software, a web-based tool that does not require you to install software on your personal computer or on your server in case you have your own website. You can access the tool through the Blogger website and your blog pages can be posted to your own site or to a community blog server.


These are simply some of the basic things you would like to know about blogging. Keep in mind that blogs give you the ability to publish anything you want. However, you need to keep in mind that it can be successful if you will be discussing interesting things on it. And do not forget to place a link directing to your own website. It can help you generate the traffic you needed.

Improve Sales With Your Website

Improve Sales Through Your Website; The Ways

Anybody that has been internet marketing recognizes that the lifeblood of the clients is the traffic of the site. More traffic equals more sales. However, here are a few ways that you could tweak your sites with to enhance sales with no need to have more visitors.

The very first technique is to weave inside your personal touch inside your sales message. Who wants to be offered to with a total stranger, however, many individuals will buy what their close buddies recommend for them. If you’re able to convince your audience that you’re a personal friend that has their finest interest in mind, they’ll be convinced to purchase your products. Remember to speak with a person inside your sales letter, to not all of your audience.

The 2nd technique is to write testimonials and comments out of your customers. Advisable is always to publish both negative and positive comments this way prospect is going to be really believing that these testimonials are really the. When prospects see testimonials on your website, they’re going to have the arrogance to purchase of your stuff because people stick to the herd mentality when others have purchased and proven it authentic, they’ll jump on board and purchase too.

Use visual representations for that problems and solutions that the product offers. Not everybody will read your text copy in the mind towards the tail, but many individuals will focus on images on your website.

Offer quality bonuses to accompany the merchandise. Whenever you offer bonuses that complement your products, your prospects will feel it’s an excellent deal and it might be stupid to overlook it. Make sure to condition the financial worth of your bonuses to ensure that individuals will be much more compelled to seize your good bargain.

Lastly, request the purchase! Lots of people lure their prospects with the advantages of their product, target all of them with tales of methods it’s solved many problems, even offered killer bonuses but forget to inquire about the purchase. Provide an obvious instruction regarding how to purchase your product (e.g. “click on the button to purchase now!”).

Facebook Marketing: Marketing Tool

Facebook Marketing: As a Marketing Tool

Facebook marketing is today one of the most effective tools, Facebook is most likely the greatest websites available on the internet. Here, you are able to communicate with your buddies along with your relatives additionally to satisfy new buddies making new relationships. While using tools and applications that Facebook provides, you will see that there are much fun as well as certainly give a powerful way to talk to others with accounts on Facebook.

However, you need to contemplate it that Facebook isn’t just an internet site you can use enabling you to connect together with your buddies. It’s also something you can use to market the services and products you are offering. For people who have an internet business or you’re a web-based marketer, you will see that Facebook may be the finest spot to promote online.

Exceeding 62 million subscribers from around the globe, you will see that this site is frequently the internet marketer’s dream. So, here are some ideas you can use to utilize Facebook to its full potential and allow it to help in making lots of money.

The initial factor you have to remember is always that once you have a Facebook account, you may want to complete your profile. Don’t just add your name, age as well as other fundamental things, but you need to really fill your profile page. You need to bear in mind that the most effective profile is often a free account that’s fully completed.

In the event you establish your network, just don’t remain in that circle. Try to talk with others inside your industry. A verbal professional build new relationships this is an effective method of advertising your service along with your business website. To get this done, you may want to join groups connected along with your profession. By doing this, you can satisfy those who can also be thinking about what you are offering.

You should know that Facebook is about connecting and reaching others. So, you should not be shy. Try reaching others. In the event you produce a relationship, you’ll subsequently be capable of expanding your network while growing your internet marketing strategy.

Advertising online, getting targeted customers is the easiest method to succeed. For people who have a Facebook profile page, you may want to create a unique profile page to be able to catch other artists attention. Try adding some applications, for example, games adding videos additionally to syndicate your site website using RSS. With this stuff, you can supply people with numerous fun things you can do within your profile page.

Necessities such as considerations to do now to effectively market on Facebook. Bear in mind that getting people to view your profile page is essential to success in Facebook marketing. With such tips, you can be assured you are getting lots of viewers on your profile page while growing the prospect of offering these within your business website or cause them to get your service.

Remember the following tips, and you will see that you will get proficient at marketing on Facebook. Remember you need to make an effort to really to certainly become proficient at Facebook.

Web Design & Business Analysis

Business Analyst in Web Design

Website design could be confusing to anybody. The programming needed appears to become an endless cycle of code, application, and algorithms. Trying to determine which figures plug into which schematic may well be a bit confusing to anybody without having technical training. The company analyst can help using the website design of a big company right lower towards the mother and pop neighborhood shop. Website design has turned into a need which should be addressed by nearly every industry. There are plenty of consumers who depend on it to analyze from apples to zoological studies and all things in between. The company analyst can help with applying the process essential for a lucrative website design.

Serving as the liaison between your stakeholder and also the IT (It) department, the company analyst can talk to both. They’re knowledgeable with technology which could help the stakeholders. The company analyst may also show the IT department precisely what it takes for those stakeholders to become happy. This really is work.

The company analyst can pay attention to the stakeholders to look for the requirements of the company. She or he may ask pertinent questions regarding the website design under consideration. She or he can make tips to the stakeholder to describe a new or existing technology which may be utilized. The stakeholder might not be acquainted with possibilities to the organization.

Serving as the spokesman for those departments, the company analyst can take ideas provided by the stakeholders and transform them into functional information for that IT department. She or he can think of a workable solution for every a key point necessary for the stakeholder. The company analyst may also be in a position to formulate a definitive strategy or perhaps a project program to put the footwork essential for the net design to really perform based on a plan.

There might be information the company analyst must gather in the finish user to find out when the needs assessment done by the stakeholders is viable. In some instances, it’s not functional information or might be from the target scope. The finish user knows better what’s going to result in the website design completely. The choices readily available for the finish user might be overlooked through the stakeholders. The company analyst can determine from surveys and inspections precisely what it takes to fulfill everyone concerned.

Website design is a team effort produced by many departments. It can be the company analyst to select these teams, therefore, the best can be obtained. She or he can motivate the person teams to do something like a unit for that betterment from the project. The departments work alone and together to accomplish the work on time.

Utilizing a business analyst to build up a task program for website design is a great business decision. She or he might have code experience which supports in analyzing the issues which might show up. The company analyst can decipher the details and figures to higher show the IT department what’s useless code and what’s viable. The shrew business stakeholders may benefit from getting a business analyst when the thought of website design presents its self.

Viral Marketing Fundamentals

Viral Marketing Fundamentals- Not Using Might Kill Your Company!


This really is frequently one virtue an internet site must possess to help the race inside the callous competition online based business. Thinking about the range of competition and competition happening, every method of marketing must be employed and utilized.

Regardless of for individuals who have a killer product or simply a fantastically designed website, if individuals don’t know that you just exist, regardless of, so you’ll not make certain it’s big. Worse of, your business could just get easily easily easily wiped out.

While there are numerous methods and schemes employed by lots of e-commerce sites today, you can still find numerous people that will assist you by permitting another rise in excellent ratings. Certainly one of the individuals could be the so referred to as Viral Marketing.

Since the term Viral easily depicts the herpes virus, an issue greatly dreaded by all computer proprietors, it is not just what it appears. You don’t really use a trojan viruses infections to spread your business nevertheless it really might kill you. Everybody has gotten a sufficient volume of everybody appear ads and spyware.

Viral Marketing Overview

Viral Marketing generally referred to as otherwise as Viral Advertising could be a marketing technique acquainted with build everybody understanding of one’s product or company. They normally use a healthy condition of media to achieve to everybody without really promoting the product by riding on in some other type of addictive ensures that may get an individual hooked and become obliged or amused to really transfer while using the product or company advertisement together with it.

The finish outcome is, companies ride on the concept if people such as the content in the media they’ll make it for their buddies and family. They sponsor the certain media, as being an awesome flash game, funny video, amusing story and so forth, that might spread to a different while using organization brand or emblem or possibly these products description or other very happy to promote the company or its product.

Viral marketing has switched in a popular type of marketing and promotion since they’re relatively affordable. In your thoughts of being tagged as junk e-mail, viral marketing counts over the eagerness of merely one person to pas over the product. If an individual sees the particular person they’ve known since the sender, they won’t block it and open it up up up too.

Most companies offer incentives for instance discounts and rebates after they help in disbursing their viral marketing. They rely on the quantities of recipients a viral marketing will get in a single a part of working the quantity or quantity of incentive they may be attributed with.

Using Viral Marketing to your benefit

The primary and foremost benefit of viral marketing is basically that you get lots of publicity and awareness with regards to your site together with your company. You can handle creating a flow of traffic which are prospective customers. If you do resourcefulness and imagination, and lots of incentives or prizes, you can achieve to several people and announce your existence.

Virtually every site and corporations are catching for the effectivity of Viral Advertising and marketing. Not with it could kill your business. As well as other schemes and techniques to market your website, like Internet Internet Internet Search Engine Optimization and so forth, viral marketing could easily push you ahead within the rating games.

Viral Marketing generally is a sneaky way to get people to discover both you and your company. You cause them to pass your advertisement along. They’re also small cost that does not purchase it may be downright a company suicide. You simply need advisable, a great addicting game, an amazing story many ideas remain available. Create a gossip or simply a buzz, many movies are promoted by utilizing scandals and gossips to get moiré popular. Can remember the movie “The Blair Witch Project”?

Many big companies have attempted viral marketing and have had many success tales from this. A vintage example is Microsoft’s Hotmail. These were the first known big company to make use of this program and offers labored wonders by themselves account.

Now it’s your use viral marketing to operate wonders to meet your requirements. Make a move now and reap the advantages Viral Marketing gives you for both you and your sales figures.

Social Networking Websites

Social Networking Websites with a Particular Focus

Have you considered joining a web-based social media community? If you value meeting new people, there’s a strong possibility that you’ve trained with some thought. Despite attempting to join, there are lots of those who decide to not. Are you currently certainly one of the individuals? If that’s the case, could it be since you feel overwhelmed? You will find literally a limitless number websites available to select from and lots of are filled with people.

When you would assume that it’s nice to participate a social media website with a lot of community people, a lot of people, possibly even yourself, feel that it’s an excessive amount of to deal with. For example, are you aware that MySpace, a well known social media website, has more than one hundred millions people? In the event that isn’t overwhelming what’s? If you are looking at joining a web-based networking community, the only one which has fewer people, you ought to search for websites which have a specific focus. That focus is frequently on popular topics, issues, views, and interests.

A social media site that concentrates on one factor particularly is frequently known as niche social media website. It is because, unlike traditional websites, not everybody can be registered as a member. To enrol in a niche social media site, you’ll want an intrigued within the subject at hands. These websites drastically reduce the number of people. Although you’ll have fewer community people to socialize with, you will notice that more have similar interests while you do. For the reason that a few online users, with similar interests as yourself, is preferable to countless people that it’s not necessary anything that is similar to.

If you are looking at locating a niche social media website, you are encouraged to execute a standard search on the internet. You will need to search while using words social media site and other things you’re searching for. For example, if you’re searching for any social media website designed only for animal enthusiasts, you might mix the language social media with animal enthusiasts, pet enthusiasts, cats, dogs, and so forth. Whether you are looking for websites that concentrate on a well-known hobby, religion, or politics, you’re sure to discover that you are searching for.

During your search for niche websites, chances are that you will find Facebook or Classmates. Facebook and Classmates are generally considered niche social networks simply because they tend to pay attention to senior high school and university students, including individuals which are attending and individuals which have already graduated. These two websites try to hook you up with folks that you’re presently likely to school with or individuals that visited the school with, previously. For those who have already graduated, Facebook and Classmates are wonderful when searching to reconnect with old buddies or perhaps make brand new ones.

Other popular websites concentrate on religion. Regardless if you are Christian or otherwise, you will find a lot of websites which have an emphasis on religion. These websites not just permit you to meet other online users, however, they permit you to meet individuals that share exactly the same beliefs and views while you do. Using a religious social media website, for example, HolyPal and JesusCrowd, you won’t need to take the time trying to find individuals who are the identical religion while you, you’ll instantly be entering a residential area where everybody teaches and believes exactly the same things.

As formerly pointed out, there are a fairly many niche social media communities that found on the internet. These communities are not only restricted to individuals which are for pet enthusiasts, religious supporters, or individuals searching to reconnect with old classmates, as pointed out above. With the way in which websites have elevated in recognition, it’s reliable advice that you simply will be able to locate an online networking community, regardless of what your interests are.

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