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7 New Flaws Affect All Thunderbolt-equipped Computers Sold in the Last 9 Years

vulnerability in thunderbolt computers

A cybersecurity researcher today uncovers a set of 7 new unpatchable hardware vulnerabilities that affect all desktops and laptops sold in the past 9 years with Thunderbolt, or Thunderbolt-compatible USB-C ports.

Collectively dubbed ‘ThunderSpy,’ the vulnerabilities can be exploited in 9 realistic evil-maid attack scenarios, primarily to steal data or reading and writing all of the system memory of a locked or sleeping computer—even when drives are protected with full disk encryption.

In a nutshell, if you think someone with a few minutes of physical access to your computer—regardless of the location—can cause any form of significant harm to you, you’re at risk for an evil maid attack.

According to Björn Ruytenberg of the Eindhoven University of Technology, the ThunderSpy attack “may require opening a target laptop’s case with a screwdriver, [but] it leaves no trace of intrusion and can be pulled off in just a few minutes.”

In other words, the flaw is not linked to the network activity or any related component, and thus can’t be exploited remotely.

“Thunderspy works even if you follow best security practices by locking or suspending your computer when leaving briefly, and…

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Android Smartphone Basics Everyone Should Know

Sim & SD Cards

These are often confused for one another and since they have very different functions, it’s important to know the difference.

A SIM card is provided by your phone company (Verizon, Tracfone, AT&T), usually free of charge, and holds information such as your phone number and contacts. It’s normally quite small and white in color.

A micro SD card can be used in most smartphones and is for storage of things like photos, music, videos, and documents. Micro SD cards can be purchased just about anywhere, including Walmart, CVS, and even eBay. These cards come in sizes such as 4, 8, 16, 32, 64 and 128 GB.

If your phone has a removable back, the SIM and SD card slots can be found by taking the back off the phone. Otherwise, a little drawer located on the top or side of the phone holds the SIM and SD cards. A special key is required to open this drawer and should have been included with purchase of the phone.

Home Screen

The homescreen is similar to the desktop on a computer. It’s the main screen, one you’ll use most, and your phone returns to it each time you hit the home button. More screens can be added to the right or left of your homescreen and can be reached by swiping in either direction.

Apps installed by the Play Store will automatically appear on your home screen. It’s also possible to drag apps from the app drawer onto your home screen or from one screen to another.


Your smartphone uses apps (applications) to perform thousands of functions. These apps like to send notifications to keep us updated. YouTube, for instance, will notify you of a video you may enjoy that has just been uploaded. While a weather app will send notifications pertaining to the weather and your messages app will show you messages as you receive them. Swipe notices to the right to clear them or click “clear all”.

Notification Bar

The notification bar is located at the top of your screen and generally shows the time, current battery charge, and Wi-Fi/data strength. The notification bar can be extended by swiping down. When extended, quick settings such as WiFi, data, location, and Bluetooth are revealed.

App Drawer

The app drawer is where you can find and launch any of the apps on your phone. It can be accessed from the bottom of your home screen (or any that you have added) in one of two ways:

Clicking the circle icon (usually white) with several holes or dots

Swiping up

Home, Back, and Recent Keys

The home key will return you to the home screen from any screen or application and is located at the bottom center of all smartphones.

The back key will take you back to the previous screen. Hitting back twice will exit an app.

The recent key reveals all open apps. Swipe apps to the right to exit and close or click “close all” to close all open apps. This is fairly important, as not closing an app properly will slow your phone down significantly; especially after several are left open.

Shonda Kellams

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realme 6 8GB+128GB price at RM1199 in Malaysia


realme Malaysia unveiled a new variant to its realme 6, giving gamers an additional option when they are looking for a Pro Camera Pro Display smartphone. The realme 6 8GB+128GB will be available on 2 May at RM1199 at all authorised dealers.

“realme 6 was recently recognised as the No. 1 Top-Selling Smartphone in terms of units sold on Lazada 4.4 sales. The 24-hour sale of realme 6 has also contributed to realme being No. 1 Best-Selling Smartphone Brand on Lazada. We were glad that realme 6 has received lots of love from our fans and we’ve decided to bring in an additional variant for realme 6 fans in Malaysia. Fans can now continue enjoying realme’s leap forward performance with the new realme 6 8GB+128GB,” said Tiffany Teh, realme Malaysia’s Brand Manager.

The device is powered by a 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display screen, 64MP AI Quad Camera, 30W fast charging as well as the use of the latest interface, realme UI based on the Android 10 system. realme 6 is powered by MediaTek Helio G90T and designed to be the core of an incredible smartphone gaming experience.

realme 6 features a 30W Flash Charge together with a 4300mAh battery that can be fully charged within 60 minutes. Even while heavy gaming, the 30W Flash Charge can charge up to 55% in just 60 minutes. The realme 6 also contains a 6.5-inch 90Hz Ultra Smooth Display with 90Hz refresh rate and 120Hz sampling rate, resulting in a seamless and smooth visual experience with every swipe of the screen. In terms of colours, realme 6 is available in 2 colour options,’Comet White’ and ‘Comet Blue’.

To find out more about our events and promotions, do follow us on our Facebook page as well as Instagram at @realmemalaysia.

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Android RPG Games – MalaysiaInternet

Mobile phones have gotten fancier over the years. First the developers added cameras, the internet and now most smart phones can now play video games. They’re not budget games like Snake or Tetris either. Smart phones are able to play video games that have the same quality that portable gaming devices produce.

One of the most recent smart phones released is Sony’s Xperia Play. Xperia Play has been dubbed as the world’s first PlayStation certified phone. Not only is it a phone, but it can double as a portable gaming device. The controls are very similar Sony’s other products such as the PSP and the PS3 controller just to name a few.

This means you can finally play PlayStation-style video games with the comfort of a real control scheme. There is nothing more uncomfortable than playing games on your phone using the horrible numbered keypad. The most pleasant thing about the Xperia Play is that some PlayStation Classic games will be heading their way onto the system very soon.

Although there have not been any RPG PlayStation games available yet, it’s more than likely that Square Enix will release some of its Final Fantasy games onto the platform. Final Fantasy VII, VIII and IX have all been ported to Sony’s PlayStation Network. The thought of putting Final Fantasy VII (the most popular RPG ever made) on the Xperia Play could help Sony take a hold of the market dominated mostly by Apple.

Zenonia 2 is an old-school 16-Japanese RPG much like the older Final Fantasy games from the early ’90s. The 2D graphics are cute and the game itself is one of the better RPGs available on Android phones. Although the game is heavily inspired by Japanese RPGs, it’s actually made in Korea. Nevertheless, I’m sure it’s a game RPG fans will love playing.

Gurk is a game that will be liked from gamers who grew up in the ’80s. It’s an old-school style video game that is only a mere 100KB to download. Despite Gurk’s very old style of graphics, it’s still in color and a blast to play. There are 24 levels in all and a total of 23 monsters for you to find and kill. Gurk won’t be a game liked by modern gamers, but if you grew up playing the original Nintendo game system, you will fall in love with its old-school style of gameplay.

Another RPG game available on Android phones is Dungeon Defenders: First Wave. The game is an online cooperative action-RPG much like Torchlight and Baldur’s Gate. The game is free to download for most phones. The graphics are in full 3D and looks stunning for a game that costs nothing to download. Up to four players can play together online. It may be clichéd and borrows elements from most other RPG games, however its visuals and multiplayer is what makes it quite fun.

Whether you own an Xperia Play or not, there are tons of RPG games to explore on Android phones. Quite a few of them are free to download, so there’s no excuse for you not to play any of the games here on offer. Let’s hope Square Enix brings more Final Fantasy games to the Android market as that will certainly boost the popularity of the genre.

Damian Seeto

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Why SaaS opens the door to so many cyber threats (and how to make it safer)

Cloud services have become increasingly important to many companies’ daily operations, and the rapid adoption of web apps has allowed businesses to continue operating with limited productivity hiccups, even as global coronavirus restrictions have forced much of the world to work from home. But at the same time, even major corporations have fallen prey to …

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R Programming: Data Science

Data science requires mastering in various fields like machine learning, R programming, Python, deep learning and many more. Among all these, one of the basic key programming languages required for every data scientist is R programming. These programming languages helps a data scientist to collect data, create visualization, perform predictive and statistical analysis and to …

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New Apple products that we pretty much know are coming soon, thanks to leaks – MalaysiaInternet

The Apple of today is not the Apple of yesteryear. In the Steve Jobs era, secrecy over future products was an obsession, and while the company still likes to keep tight-lipped, it seems sometimes as though it’s so large and working on so many different things, that information about those products can’t help but leak out, like mustard from an overfull sandwich.

As Apple tries valiantly to keep its cards close to its chest, eagle-eyed enthusiasts are poring over everything from support documents to underlying code in order to find hints about what the company’s next project is.

If you’re the kind of person who enjoys knowing-it-all about what Apple may be working on—and, let’s face it, you’re reading Macworld, so you are—then you live for these sorts of tidbits. So, while we’re all still stuck in our homes and desperately looking to the future as an escape, let’s take a quick spin through devices that we’re reasonably certain Apple is getting ready to unleash.

SE what I mean?

Some folks have been waiting for a new low-cost iPhone since well before Apple discontinued the iPhone SE, and indications seem to be that it’s imminent. A Belkin screen protector for sale on Apple’s own store listed compatibility with the iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and iPhone SE, lending credence to the theory that new version of that cheaper model will come in roughly same size and shape as the current lower end iPhones.

iphone se lineupApple

Original iPhone SE.

In the past, Apple has released smaller iPhone updates—including the original iPhone SE and the (Product)Red iPhone 8 in the spring, as it’s midway through the annual refresh cycle. And, if the impacts of the coronavirus do end up delaying this year’s new high-end iPhones, Apple could even afford to let the new iPhone SE come out a bit later than previous mid-cycle models, which generally have appeared in March or early April.

Finally, the confirmation of the SE name—which has deep history, all the way back to one of the earliest Macs—does seem to bolster the idea of Apple filling the low-cost end of its iPhone line-up with a “new” model of phone every couple years. If the previous SE is any indication, expect this older chassis to contain some updated internals, for a price that won’t break the bank.

Get over your ears

Apple’s had great success with the AirPods and AirPods Pro, so it only makes sense that the company would venture into other types of headphones as well. After all, good as in-ear headphones are, they don’t accommodate every type of ear or every use case.

beats powerbeats 4Apple/Beats

Apple Beats fourth-gen Powerbeats

That appears to have been backed up by leaks of images from upcoming builds of iOS, showing headphone glyphs in white and black, that resemble some of the Beats over-the-ear headphones that are already sold by Apple’s music subsidiary. The glyphs show up in places that you’d expect to see headphones represented, such as iOS’s battery widget. (This isn’t the first time unreleased Apple…

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Official Facebook Messenger Desktop App Now Available on Windows 10 and macOS

Facebook has just launched official Messenger desktop clients for Windows 10 and macOS as the social network sees a spike in usage due to the lockdown caused by the coronavirus outbreak. With millions of people staying at home these days, the usage of Internet services has increased substantially, and Facebook says WhatsApp and Messenger themselves …

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