China Tries to Restrict Gaming

They have done studies on gambling. One of them consisted of two birds in two different cages, one had a button that gave food every time they pressed it, and another gave food only sometimes and randomly when the bird would press it.

The bird who had free access to food and could eat whenever it wanted would press the button when it was hungry, and otherwise do other things no problem. Didnt care about the button.

The other bird got obsessed with the button and pressed and pressed it nonstop, and wound up eating much more than the other bird and got fat for it.

Moral of the story…. restrictions don’t always work. Sometimes they create obsessions… thereby furthering the problem you were originally setting out to solve.

How many times have you heard someone say they play games so much now but their parents didnt let them play growing up? All the time. How many times do you hear people say they got to play games nonstop growing up whenever they wanted and are still obsessed with gaming to this day? Not as much. People generally get their fix and grow up and game less as an adult. Its the ones that couldnt play as much as they wanted, or at all as a kid that turned into massive gamers as adults. So… frankly, i dont see the issue here. Of course kids still need to be reminded of their obligations and be taught good time management skills, but it doesnt mean that those kids wont grow normally or socially or whatever… mainly because ive seen so many kids make so many friends through games more than anything else. It seems to improve their social skills… not stunt them.

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