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Most were hoping for solid news on Zen 2 CPUs – SKUs, specs and more – but while we didn’t get much on those, AMD did announce a few other interesting news.

Zen 2
AMD’s new desktop processors will feature a unique design where there are two ‘chiplets’ on the die, with a 14nm one from GlobalFoundries and a 7nm one from TSMC. According to AMD’s demo at CES 2019, one of its new CPUs had a Cinebench score equivalent to Intel’s Core i9-9900K at a lower power consumption (130W vs 180W). Overall, the expected IPC boost from the Ryzen 2nd gen is around 15%. AMD has yet to announce final SKUs, clockspeeds or core count, but has said that we can expect a mid-2019 release.
Radeon VII
Without a doubt, AMD’s announcement of the Radeon VII is its biggest reveal this CES. As the world’s first 7nm process GPU, the Radeon VII will have 60 compute units and 3840 stream processors running at a maximum of 1.8GHz. It will use be using 16GB of HBM2 memory, so overall performance is expected to be fantastic. According to AMD, it should have 1TB/s memory bandwidth and uses a 4,096-bit memory interface too. It’s expected to launch on 7 February 2019 for USD 699, which is about RM2,863 here before taxes and price markups.
Ryzen Mobile
AMD also announced the 2nd Gen Ryzen Mobile processors for notebooks. Thanks to built-in Vega graphics, notebooks equipped with this will have good performance not only for everyday computing tasks but also GPU-reliant ones. For example, AMD claims that its new Ryzen 7 3700U is 29% more efficient when it comes to photo editing, compared to Intel’s Core i7-8550U. The top SKU this time is the Ryzen 7 3750H, which is a quad-core CPU with a TDP of 35W and runs at a base frequency of 2.3GHz. It also has 10 Vega GPU cores that run at a maximum 1,400 MHz.

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