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For many today, especially the young, getting a laptop that can game is very important but they also can’t afford those fancy gaming ones. The simple solution is getting an affordable machine that doesn’t compromise on the ability to game!

With SNS Network choice of promotional laptops, you get relatively affordable devices that all have a graphics card powerful enough to run simple games. The purchase of any applicable device equipped with an 8th gen Intel ®Core™ CPU will also net you some sweet freebies in the form of a Diary Book (Intel ®Core™ i3 device), Umbrella (Intel ®Core™ i5 device), or Anti-theft Backpack (Intel ®Core™ i7 device).
Please be advised that some stores or locations will also have different special promotions. To find out more, kindly contact 012-9787616.

Promotion is until 30 April 2019 while stocks last.

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