Following the success of the 11.11 Day Sale, Lazada decided to double down and announced another sales period from 10-12 December 2018 called the Lazada 12.12 Grand Year End Sale. In conjunction with the sale, Lazada introduced a new livestream feature for its mobile app.

According to Lazada Malaysia CEO, Christophe Lejeune, livestreaming has seen great success in China. Revenue for the industry is expected to hit 4.4 billion US Dollars this year, a massive 37% increase from 2017. Lazada believes that this industry will meet similar success in Malaysia, so the decision was made to leverage on parent company Alibaba’s experience and insights with this industry, bringing the feature to the Lazada app.

“The 12.12 Super Livestreams to digital audiences provides an experience that is both interactive and immersive. It gives brands and sellers more authenticity by allowing viewers to be part of the process,” said Lejeune.

A demo of the livestream feature, which is available on the Lazada app

A demo of the livestream feature, which is available on the Lazada app

Beginning as early as 8 December 2018, Malaysians will get to watch local celebrities livestream through the app, introducing various products and showing how it looks or works. The current list of announced celebrities include Nana Mahazan, Yasmin Hani, Dynas Mokhtar, Sharifah Sakinah and Elaine Daly. During livestreams, users can comment, redeem vouchers, shop directly, or share the livestream feed with their friends. Exclusive promotions and deals are also expected to be available only through some of these livestreams. Any item added to a user’s shopping cart can be checked out from 10 to 12 December 2018.

Lazada wants people to use the Wallet for easier transactions

Lazada wants people to use the Wallet for easier transactions

For this sales period, Lazada is preparing to push the use of its Lazada Wallet. It will allow users to enjoy secure payment, faster check out, easier refunds, and more. To encourage its use, RM2.5 million rebates will be up for grabs, including 12% whenever new users top-up their Wallet for the first time and 5% any other top-up.

There's a chance to win a car too

There’s a chance to win a car too

Lazada also announced a Slash It campaign, where lucky shoppers may get a chance to win a brand-new Perodua Axia. In addition, there will be Flash Sales with offers as low as 50 cents, Shake It sessions, collectable vouchers, and more.

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