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  • Driver: 50mm Neodymium
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Frequency: 20 – 20,000 Hz
  • Others: Detachable mic, detachable audio cable, Cable splitter (audio + microphone)
  • Weight: 259g
  • Pros:
  • Audio quality
  • Comfortable
  • Cons:
  • Slightly pricey for its class

G PRO Means ‘Go Pro’

We’re probably sounding like a broken record by now, but the gaming peripheral market is really competitive these days. So, how does a brand like Logitech stay above the pack and has it done so? Let’s take a look at the brand’s new G PRO Gaming Headset to see if they succeeded on that end.

Logitech’s G PRO Gaming Headset bears many resemblances to other headsets in its family. It has a simple all-black body with the letter ‘G’ emblazoned on the back of the earcups, which maintained the rectangle shape with rounded corners that Logitech favours. We really like the matte look it has, as it gives the headset a clean and classy look.

For this model, Logitech settled for a detachable audio cable and microphone. The way the jacks on the left earcup were designed, however, ensures that you can’t buy cheap third-party replacements if they’re damaged. Fortunately, the build and quality for both detachable components are good, so it shouldn’t be an issue. Back on point, the microphone here is a flexible boom mic with some foam to eliminate ‘pops’ during recording, while the audio cable comes with shirt clip, volume control and mic mute on it.

Thanks to a mere 32 Ohms of impedance and the single audio cable, you can use the G PRO Gaming Headset for not only gaming consoles but also mobile devices like smartphones. There’s also a splitter included in the box, so you can split the audio and microphone input/output and use the headset for gaming on a PC.

The headset comes with a very soft headband that can be adjusted, with audible clicks at each step of length, making it suitable for heads of all sizes. Equally comfortable are the earcups. Since they can swivel, it’s easy to adjust them to sit flush around our ears, providing excellent seal that ensures that sound is kept in. It’s also relatively light and well-built, so it’s great for using on the go as it can hang comfortably around your neck.

In terms of audio quality, the G Pro scores well with the highs and mids, making it great for music. The bass is decent too, allowing you to have good sound positioning for games, but it’s not as boomy when it comes to effects like explosions and gunshots. As for the microphone’s quality, recordings showed us that captured voice and sound are very natural, with good depth and even some bass – great for VoIP and in-game communication.

CHIP CONCLUDE: A great gaming headset that performs well, is comfortable, and can be used across different gaming platforms.

(to be published in issue October 2018)Logitech-G-pro-600x500

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