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  • Operating System: ColorOS 5.2
  • System on Chip: Qualcomm Snapdragon 660
  • Memory: 8GB
  • Storage: 128GB
  • Display: 6.3-inch IPS
  • Camera: 16+2MP (dual rear), 16MP (front)
  • Dimensions: 156.7 x 74 x 8.5mm
  • Weight: 174g
  • Pros:
  • Performance
  • Screen to body ratio
  • Battery life
  • Cons:
  • None

Is It Really Me?

A smartphone can sometimes be considered an extension of ourselves, that’s why brands are so adamant to create new styles and market it toward their targeted audiences. We have smartphones made for photographers, for influencers, for people on the go, for the ones who want to look classy, and for those who don’t really care about looks and just want something that works. So let’s just say there’s always something for everyone.

Full HD IPS with 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 and a screen to body ratio of 90.8%

Full HD IPS with 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3 and a screen to body ratio of 90.8%

What about the Realme 2 Pro? We’re not sure if their official tagline of “Proud To Be Young” is for the old feeling young at heart, or for the young feeling proud of themselves. But the Realme 2 Pro doesn’t discriminate – it doesn’t care who or what you are, because all it cares about is being a good companion. You need a large screen? It’s there with its 6.3-inch FHD Dewdrop Full Screen Display. Need performance and storage? Well, it has a Snapdragon 660, 8GB of RAM and 128GB of built-in storage.

All that hardware under the hood allows for smooth transitions between apps and menus, while also providing a great gaming experience. On the back is a 16MP + 2MP AI Dual Camera with a camera aperture of f/1.7 for the main camera and f/2.4 for the secondary camera. While on the front you also get a 16MP camera, but with an aperture of f/2.0. Both cameras are capable of taking great pictures whether of objects, landscapes or selfies.

Take great pictures with the 16+2MP dual-camera

Take great pictures with the 16+2MP dual-camera

For security, the Realme provides the best of both worlds, whether it’s fingerprint or facial recognition. Fingerprint works well and hasn’t given us any issue so far throughout our testing period, while the AI Facial Unlock has done a fantastic job of recognising our face even in different lighting conditions. Finally, the phone also comes with a long lasting 3,500mAh battery that provides an easy full day’s worth of battery life even while listening to music and browsing the internet.

CHIP CONCLUDE: A strong mid-range phone with some premium features that usually only come with flagship phones.

(to be published in issue December 2018)


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