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Cloud computing and networking are two of the most significant areas of growth in the IT business. Companies need engineers who can maintain distributed software and keep the company connected.

If you want to work in either niche, the Essential Cloud & Networking Certification Training Bundle offers 93 hours of essential knowledge. You can pick up all 5 courses now for only $39.99 via the THN Store.

This bundle focuses on the key skills and certificates the technical recruiters are currently looking for. It would be best if you came away with the knowledge to ace top exams, and the experience to handle real-world challenges.

First up, the CCNA Routing & Switching Training helps you master Cisco networks. Professionals with these skills earn around 9% more on average.

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate) covers the most popular cloud computing platform, showing you how to design, configure, and optimize cloud software. Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions looks at similar skills on the other big platform.

This bundle also gives you access to Graphical Network Simulator-3 (GNS3) Training, which helps you gain experience in a digital environment. You…

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