Cynet Offers Free Threat Assessment for Mid-sized and Large Organizations

threat assessment

Visibility into an environment attack surface is the fundamental cornerstone to sound security decision making. However, the standard process of 3rd party threat assessment as practiced today is both time consuming and expensive.

Cynet changes the rules of the game with a free threat assessment offering (click here to learn more) based on more than 72 hours of data collection, enabling organizations to benchmark their security posture against their vertical industry peers and take actions accordingly.

Cynet Free Threat Assessment (available for organizations with 250 endpoints and above, from North America and Europe) spotlights critical, exposed attack surfaces and provides actionable knowledge of attacks that are currently alive and active in the environment.

1.) Indication of live attacks — active malware, connection to C&C, data exfiltration, access to phishing links, user credential theft attempts, and others:

cynet cyber security threat assessment
cynet cyber security threat assessment

2.) Host and app attack surfaces — unpatched vulnerabilities rated per criticality:

cynet cyber security threat assessment

3.) Benchmark comparing the organization’s security posture to the industry average:

cynet cyber security threat assessment

4.) Weighted risk score built from all findings and activity.

5.) User identity attack…

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