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Gum disease, when left untreated results in tooth loss. Not only will it affect your speech clarity and less enjoyment of crunchy, chewy and crispy food, it can also make you smile and laugh less due to lacking in confidence.

Are you one of them?

A 2010 research study indicated that 9 out of 10 Malaysian adults suffer from gum disease (NOHSA 2010). In a recent study conducted by Lion Corporation on 450 Malaysian adults showed 80% of respondents had at least one visible sign and symptom of gum disease, most common being bleeding and swollen gums but only 1% realise that they have gum disease (Project Katsu 2017).

Today, gum disease has overtaken cavities as the leading cause of tooth loss in adults due to prolonged plaque build-up in between teeth, along the gum lines and in gum pockets due to poor brushing habits and it usually remains undetected for too long.

Are you at risk?

There are many risk factors that lead to gum disease, which include poor dental hygiene; smoking; diabetes mellitus; hormonal changes due to pregnancy; medications that reduce saliva flow; genetics; having crooked teeth; ill-fitting dental fillings, or dental appliances that fit poorly; and even compromised immunity due to major diseases.

Dr Leong Kei Joe (left) and Dr Norliza bt Mohamed

Lack of awareness of gum disease signs and symptoms

“There is a serious lack of awareness of gum disease and its potential to impact quality of life, and its association with certain major medical conditions. Too many of us accept the signs of gum disease such as bleeding when brushing as normal. Malaysians need to recognise the signs and symptoms of gum disease so that they know when something is wrong and can seek help.”

Dr. Norliza bt Mohamed, Dental Public Health Specialist and Acting Principal Director of Oral Health Ministry of Health Malaysia

Gum disease and life threatening diseases

“Researches have shown the association between gum disease and certain medical conditions like heart disease, diabetes and even it’s link to Alzheimer’s disease. These are serious, life – threatening disease and hence, we strongly advocate early detection and treatment of gum disease as an essential step in safeguarding overall general health.”

Dr. Leong Kei Joe, Paediatric Dental Specialist and President-Elect of the Malaysian Dental Association

What is gum disease?

Gum disease is a bacterial infection that occurs in the gum pocket. The main cause is plaque which is a soft sticky film containing billions of bacteria. Toxin from plaque bacteria will damage the gum tissues. Gum disease is preventable in early stages. Gingivitis is the early stage of gum disease where the gum is swollen and inflamed due to bacterial infection. Left untreated, it progressed to periodontitis or gum disease.

Do you gum health check now!

Systema has launched the Systema Gumbatte Towards 1 million Gum Health Checks campaign, a collaboration with the Malaysian Dental Association. The campaign aims to help Malaysians achieve better oral health outcomes with the ultimate goal of motivating more people to retain 20 of their natural teeth when they are 60 years and above so that they can enjoy better health expectancy, in line with the National Oral Health Plan for Malaysia 2011-2020.

Are you among the 94% of Malaysian adults with gum disease*? If you are unsure, visit for a free online assessment where you learn through the signs and symptoms of gum diseases and use the useful information provided to begin your healthy oral habits.

Strong Teeth Begins with Healthy Gums!

Systema Anti-Plaque System

Your at home solution to preventing gum disease The Systema Anti-Plaque System combines the Systema Advance Anti-Plaque toothpaste to break down plaque and kill 99.9% bacteria in hard-to-reach areas especially inside gum pockets, and the Systema 0.02mm tapered bristles toothbrushes to aid in the physical removal of plaque in between teeth, along the gum line and inside gum pockets.


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