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Exercising is good for you… in general. However, all things should be done in moderation, and working out is no exception. This 50-year-old man certainly overdid it, when he suffered a stroke from jumping on a trampoline too vigorously!

China Press reported the incident, in which a 50-year-old Taiwanese man started trampolining half a year ago in order to lose weight. As he progressed in his class, he began developing a passion for it, as he could break a sweat in a matter of minutes. Before long, he was attending classes three times a week.

His love for trampolining grew so much, that he bought one to put in his home, so that he could exercise even outside of class. However, his workout routine took a turn for the worse, when he suddenly suffered a stroke! 

Upon the release of his X-ray results, the patient’s attending doctor at the Taipei Medical University, Chen deduced that the stroke came about as a result of the vigorous activity rupturing his blood vessels, which then caused a blood clot. As the blood clot occurred in the brain, it became a ticking time bomb, which eventually resulted in a brain stroke.

50yo Man Suffers Stroke After Jumping on Trampoline Too Often, Rupturing a Blood Vessel - WORLD OF BUZZ

Source: China Press

Furthermore, as the blood vessel was fragile to begin with, the constant jumping and movement of the entire body created a destructive pattern of tugging and compression. Even though the body can heal the blood vessel eventually, a blood clot will form over the crusted wound. In turn, this will impede the blood flow, causing a stroke.

Chen went on to add that although there currently isn’t a direct link between trampolining and strokes, if one is aware of their weak blood vessels, they should lessen jumping on trampolines. 

Trampolining is definitely capable of causing greater harm than it seems, when done excessively. In 2017, an American athlete named Ric Swezey lost his balance on a trampoline, which caused his head to hit a thinly padded wall nearby. The impact broke his cervical spine, which then constricted his airway and blood flow. Unfortunately, this paralysed him, leading him to become 90% brain dead.

While this is might be enough to scare some people off from approaching trampolines for good, it’s worth remembering that all sports come with a certain degree of danger. What’s most important is reading up on the risks of each exercise before committing to a routine, and to never ever overdo it! 


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