Every other phone is dead to me.

Hello ! I think that the crease is not the problem with this phone. It’s kinda like the notch on some phones. You net to get used to it when you’re watching stuff, it’s noth that bad of a deal. Same for the notch even if i wished that it was more of punched holes notches instead of this big black bar. But for me, the biggest problem is the durability of the screen. Like you said, even nails can scratch the damn thing. dust tends to stay in the surface even after wiping it a lot sometimes, and even this can cause scratches which is a bummer. Also, when you use your phone on a stand, the screen tends to bend a little because of the way it’s made, plus the folding mechanism tends to get grindy because it’s not sealed from dust correctly. Honestly, for a 2000 dollars phone, it’s a lot of flaws, yeah, it’s new tech, but i strongly recommend avoiding this one. the value and the durability is just not there yet. I can’t believe this is making such a positive review here on LTT because of the innovativeness alone. I thought your intention with your audience was honesty and helping us buying smart and value. Yeah, i get more hardware, but is it durable ? is it gonna last ? is it really usefull ? and is it justifying the price ? I really like your channel, but this is a first for me to be such in a disagreement with your review. PS: Sorry if my english suck. It’s not my primary language.

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