Flood situation in T’ganu worsens, more than 10,000 evacuated in Kemaman

A vehicle attempts to cross an inundated road as floods worsen in several states along the East Coast. Bernama Photo

KUALA LUMPUR: The flood situation on the East Coast, especially in Terengganu, has gotten worse as of yesterday night with water-levels rising in the town of Chukai, Kemaman, and more than 10,000 people from the district evacuated to flood relief centres.

Most of the roads in the Chukai town have also been closed to light vehicles since 7 pm, and traders have started moving their goods due to fears of a sudden rise in water-level if it continues to rain heavily.

Kelantan is also experiencing a similar situation as almost 6,000 people have been evacuated in the state so far, with the city of Kota Bharu expected to be hit by floods beginning midnight.

The floods in Kelantan yesterday also killed a 20-year-old man, who fell from a boat while helping to transfer flood victims to a temporary evacuation centre in Kampung Manjor, Kuala Krai.

The body of Mohammad Hakimin Rahim was found by his family members at 8.30 am where the victim was reported to have fallen from the boat, and he was also said to have been tired and suffering from cramps due to the cold weather while helping the villagers evacuate from early morning till night.

The latest flood reports from Terengganu stated that as of 8 pm, 11,777 people from 2,947 families had been evacuated to relief centres, with Kemaman recording the highest number with 10,103 victims involving 2,469 families.

Floods in Terengganu now involve four districts namely, Kemaman; Dungun (1,334 victims); Hulu Terengganu (228 victims); and Besut (112 victims).

Meanwhile, five districts in Kelantan are currently affected by the floods, namely Kuala Krai; Jeli; Tanah Merah; Pasir Mas; and Gua Musang.

According to the Social Welfare Department’s (JKM) ‘Info Bencana’ application, a total of 5,896 victims from 1,520 families were housed in 74 evacuation centres, Kuala Krai being the worse affected with 2,611 evacuees; Jeli (1,060); Tanah Merah (488); Pasir Mas (896); and Gua Musang (841).

The situation is different in PAHANG, however, as although more than 20,000 still remain at evacuation centres, the flood situation in the nine districts that were severely affected since Sunday, is gradually recovering, and the number of victims at evacuation centres had decreased tonight to 22,292 people from 6,068 families compared to more than 23,000 this afternoon.

The road from Kuantan to Kuala Lumpur is still cut off at LPT1, and several other spots along the old route.

The situation in Johor and Perak is also improving, while in Beaufort, Sabah, the status quo remains with 35 people still at relief centres. — Bernama


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