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MIRI: Four women in Miri were duped by ‘Macau Scam’ (Telecommunication Scam) and ‘Parcel Scam’ fraudsters to part with their hard-earned money within two months since September this year, resulting in losses of RM 37,460 in four cheating cases.

The details of all four cases were disclosed by State commercial crime investigation department chief Supt Mustafa Kamal, who strongly advises members of the public not to fall prey to such scams and to first check with the local police in their respective areas should they receive dubious claims and demands, especially from those masquerading as police officers and banking officials.

In the first incident, a Chinese restaurant waitress, 42, was scammed of RM 22,200 between Sept 15 to Oct 8 by a man who claimed to be a policeman from IPK Johor.

The fraudster spinned a story that her identity card has been used to apply for loans and she must bank in the money into an account of Hong Leong Bank to avoid trouble.

She complied on Sept 18 and banked in RM 12,200 to a local branch in Miri, and on the following day she received a KL-based phone call from someone who identified him as a policeman from Bukit Aman asking her to bank in money to the same account.

She complied and banked in another RM 10,000 at 3pm on the same day but that was not the end of the story.

She received another call from another man who claimed himself to be from court and asked her to bank in RM 3 million and only then did she realised that she had been scammed.

On Nov 5, a 24 year-old Iban female clerk with a government department in Miri was cheated of RM 4,500 in a parcel scam which started with a message from a woman who asked for her help as her money transferred from her European account to Malaysia has been stopped by Bank Negara.

The fraudster asked her to help by banking in money into an account under the name of Rosiati.

On Nov 7, a Baketan civil servant lost RM 7,000 in a Macau Scam after falling for a trap set by a man who identified himself as Inspector Raja Afiz Raja Saufi from Malacca who accused her of being involved in drug trafficking and money forgery crimes.

The fraudster demanded a ‘bribe’ of RM 2,000 so that her account would not be frozen, and the victim banked in the money to an account under the name of Ismail bin Abdullah.

She was later pressured to bank in another RM 5,000 twice but she became suspicious when the man demanded another RM 2,000.

On the same day, a Chinese human resource executive, 27, also fell victim to a Macau Scam fraudster, losing Rm 3,760.

She received a call from a man who claimed to be from a court in Malacca, identifying himself as Mohd Hairul Bin Mohd Ishak, with HP number ‘+10118047229’.

The victim was told that she has outstanding credit card payment with Hong Leong Bank amounting to RM 28,795.75 when she did not have any such card.

She was later told to contact a number allegedly to Malacca state police headquarters and two persons identifying themselves as ACP Tiong dan Sjn Yap informed her that they were on her case.

The victim later received a Whatsapp message from a number ‘+601116729771’, alleging that an arrest warrant and court order to freeze her assets would be issued.

The scared victim later transferred online RM3,760 to a Public Bank account number under the name Lim Chi Chao as a ‘security’ that she would not be implicated in any of the fictional crimes.

She was told that failure to comply would result in a order to arrest her.

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