Google Chrome Bug on Windows 10 Breaks Down Jump Lists

A bug in the latest version of Google Chrome causes the browser’s jump list on Windows 10 to no longer show up.

A jump list is a menu that you can access by right-clicking an app icon on the Windows 10 taskbar. For Google Chrome, the jump list includes shortcuts for the most visited websites, recently closed pages, and tasks.

As reported by users on reddit and on the Google Chrome Help community, the bug causes the jump list to no longer be available in Google Chrome 77, which is the latest stable build of the browser.

Repining the icon fixing the issue temporarily

By the looks of things, the issue is limited to this version of Chrome browser and Windows 10. Unpinning the Google Chrome icon and repining it to the taskbar is a temporary workaround, according to user reports.

“Chrome 64 bit v 77 icon on the Windows 10 Pro taskbar does not show the task options (ie. New Window, New Incognito Window) when right clicking on the icon. The task options do show when right clicking on the Chrome icon located in the Windows 10 Menu system. Re-pinning the icon to the taskbar from the menu does allow the taskbar icon to show the task options upon right click but only temporarily.  After a short while the task options are once again gone,” user Frank Fragomeni explains on the Google forums.

Google hasn’t yet acknowledged the bug, yet it looks like jump lists work correctly in the latest version of Chrome Canary, albeit for the time being, it’s not yet clear if the company is already testing a fix.

For now, users can turn to the repining icon workaround to fix the issue until a full fix lands. We have also reached out to Google for more information on the bug and will update the article when an answer is offered.

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