Google Disables Chrome 78 Feature Causing “Aw, Snap!” Error Messages

Google has disabled the Renderer Code Integrity feature in Chrome 78 after discovering that a compatibility bug with certain software solutions breaks down the browser and causes “Ah, Snap!” errors on each page load.

Google originally said the problem was limited to Symantec Endpoint Protection, but after further investigation, the company says that three more applications are likely causing compatibility problems, namely PC Matic, Print Audit, and Palo Alto Traps.

“We have confirmed that in addition to the known incompatibility with specific versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection, some additional software applications may be causing “Aw, Snap!” messages in the latest Chrome M78 release,” Google now says.

Fix already in the works

While the company is currently working with software developers on a fix, the Renderer Code Integrity feature has been disabled in Chrome 78 to prevent more devices from being impacted.

“We have temporarily disabled the new Chrome feature that is resulting in the incompatibility while we partner with these software providers to improve compatibility. If you were affected by the incompatibility of a product listed above, please contact the application’s provider to understand their timelines for a fix,” a Google engineer explains on the forums (via TechDows).

For the time being, there’s no ETA as to when the feature could be re-enabled, but Google says the target is “the near future.”

At this point, however, using Google Chrome with Renderer Code Integrity enabled could cause the “Aw, Snap!” errors not only due to compatibility issues with antivirus software, but also because of problems with other software on your device.

I’m not aware of any other applications not mentioned by Google and presumably hitting compatibility bugs with Chrome’s new feature, but if you experience the “Aw, Snap!” bug all of a sudden, there’s a chance the new feature enabled by default in Chrome 78 is the one to blame.

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