Google Will Now Pay Anyone Who Reports Apps Abusing Users’ Data

google bug bounty program

In the wake of knowledge abuse scandals and a number of other situations of malware app being found on the Play Store, Google immediately expanded its bug bounty program to beef up the safety of Android apps and Chrome extensions distributed by way of its platform.

The growth in Google’s vulnerability reward program majorly contains two most important bulletins.

First, a brand new program, dubbed ‘Developer Data Protection Reward Program’ (DDPRP), whereby Google will reward safety researchers and hackers who discover “verifiably and unambiguous evidence” of knowledge abuse points in Android apps, OAuth tasks, and Chrome extensions.

Second, increasing the scope of its Google Play Security Rewards Program (GPSRP) to incorporate all Android apps from the Google Play Store with over 100 million or extra installs, serving to affected app builders repair vulnerabilities by way of responsibly disclosures.’

Get Bounty to Find Data-Abusing Android & Chrome Apps

The information abuse bug bounty program goals to keep away from scandals like Cambridge Analytica that hit Facebook with $5 billion in fines for failing to establish conditions the place person information is getting used or bought unexpectedly or repurposed illegitimately with out person consent.


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