Google Working on Facelift for YouTube on Android

Google has started experimenting with a series of changes regarding the comment section of YouTube on Android.

Basically, what Google wants to do is make it easier for viewers to post comments to videos without interrupting the video they are watching, so right now, it’s trying a new approach that with a small percentage of people.

YouTube will thus display 3 different comments right below the video, and an option to view all comments will be displayed in order to allow you to read them while watching the clip.

Just an experiment for now, don’t hold your breath for it

Google says it’s currently trying out several ideas for the three comments, but right now, it’s considering how recently the comment was posted of it was pinned by a creator.

“If you have a pinned comment, it will show up in this section if it meets additional criteria. We consider a variety of viewer and creator signals that may prevent your pinned comment from showing, some examples include, if the comment contains a link, if it is more than 140 characters, or appears to be self-promotional. When a viewer taps to view all comments, pinned comments will continue to always show as the first comment,” Google explains.

Users who want to view all comments can tap anywhere in the new comments section, and this is automatically expanded without pausing the video.

Google explains that this is just an experiment, and this means there’s a chance that it would eventually be abandoned if the feedback doesn’t confirm it’s worth rolling it out to everyone. Of course, there’s no ETA as to when more people could start seeing the new YouTube comments approach, but without a doubt, seeing comments without having to scroll so much is definitely the right way to go.

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