Here Are All iPhone and Mac Wallpapers Ever Released by Apple

If you’re looking for the official wallpapers that Apple used on the iPhone since the first model came out 12 years ago, then you really don’t need a dedicated wallpaper app from the App Store.

Instead, what you need is this collection of wallpapers that includes every single background used on iPhone since 2007, along with the official hero images for iPads and iPods.

iPhone wallpapers are particularly popular all over the globe, not necessarily because they’re used on the world’s number one smartphone, but also thanks to the photo quality that they always come with.

In fact, every new iPhone generation features an exclusive wallpaper that sets a model apart from the rest of the crowd, and pretty often, these photos end up being used as backgrounds on a wide variety of smartphones that have nothing to do with Apple.

And it’s all because of the photo quality that I told you about earlier and which makes the wallpaper look good on a high-res screen, no matter the manufacturer of the device.

Mac wallpapers

The iPhone wallpaper collection isn’t necessarily new, but it’s updated with the latest images every time Apple release a new-generation model. Furthermore, it also includes the official live photos that iPhones came with – to download them on your device, you can simply use Google Photos to save them from the aforementioned link.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the Mac wallpaper collection, they are available on this link, courtesy of the same user. Keep in mind these are only official photos that Apple used on its products since the first models came out many years ago.

Apple is expected to launch a second-generation iPhone SE in the spring of 2020, most likely with a new wallpaper, and there’s a chance the photo will be added to this gallery shortly after the unveiling. So check back soon for the latest iPhone and Mac wallpapers.

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