How to make the most of Facebook ads — with as little as $5 per day

Why Facebook Ads Work

Facebook ads are still one of the best advertising tools out there.

Now that you understand the key changes in the ad platform, let me explain why Facebook ads are still a great advertising tool, especially for startups and small businesses.

One of the things Facebook has is contacts. Data. This data can help you target the right people with your message.

If you remember, I said that these days you cannot simply hope that by boosting a post you’ll get an incredible return on your investment. Facebook Ads now requires you to take the time to understand how to maximize your Ads Manager (or for more advanced readers, the ).

are in charge of creating the right audiences and the right assets for your ads.

When it comes to your audience, I always recommend creating relevant audiences for your brand. This is where custom audiences coming from a c or has changed the way I use Facebook ads these days (and has given me and my client amazing results).

You can obviously use core audiences, but I always recommend focusing on custom audiences when possible.

Pro tip

Whenever you create a custom audience, make sure you create a related lookalike audience. These audiences allow you to reach new people whose interests are  to those of your best customers.

Taking the time to truly understand what type of ads and messaging can work for  is key.

If you’re anything like me, you probably love seeing real examples of ads that work. This is why I recommend you to spend time  Facebook has collected, to learn more about how real businesses advertise on the platform.

Examples, like this Uber Eats campaign, give you a goal for the campaign, the results, a brief, and real examples of the ads used — a wealth of information.

This resource also reminds us that whether you’re an e-commerce, a corporate business like Linkedin, a brand like Guinness, or an online coach looking to launch a program — you can make ads work for you.

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