Huawei Founder Says the US Ban Is No Threat to Company Survival

Huawei remains to be not allowed to work with American corporations in accordance to the US govt order signed by President Donald Trump in mid-May, however this doesn’t pose any danger for the way forward for the Chinese tech big.

This is what Huawei founder and CEO Ren Zhengei stated in a latest interview with Yahoo Finance, explaining that the firm can very properly survive with out American companions too.

“If U.S, companies were to stop supplying us altogether, our production would not stop for a single day in the future. Rather, we would ramp up production. There’s no lethal risk that threatens Huawei’s survival at all,” he stated.

Ren admitted that Huawei wasn’t totally ready for the ban in the United States, so the firm is now turning to some cost-saving measures, together with layoffs at its analysis and growth unit based mostly in the United States and referred to as Futurewei.

Huawei means forward all of its rivals, founder says

Part of the engineers right here shall be transferred to China, whereas others shall be let go, and Ren confirmed that the restrictions in the United States make its collaboration with Futurewei practically inconceivable.

“This makes it difficult for us to manage this company and collaborate with them,” Ren stated. “Now we cannot make further investment because we are not allowed to engage with Futurewei employees. What is our next step? This depends on the U.S. government’s direction.”

The Huawei founder emphasised that his firm is properly forward of its American rivals, and by banning his agency, the United States could possibly be left behind in the 5G race.

“Even if they have supercomputers and super-large-capacity connections, the U.S. might still fall behind because they don’t have super-fast connections,” Ren defined. “Shutting Huawei out is the start of the U.S. falling behind.”

According to a separate report, US officers will meet with representatives of American tech corporations to talk about the sanctions in opposition to Huawei in the coming weeks.

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