Huawei Insults Apple on Twitter, Company Says It Got Hacked

The rivalry between Huawei and Apple is something that makes the headlines every now and then, most often after representatives of the Chinese tech giant announce optimistic plans to crush its American competitor.

So some people weren’t necessarily surprised two days ago when the official Twitter account of Huawei Brazil started insulting Apple, despite the fact that such an approach is without a doubt unacceptable.

The tweets, which have now been removed, mocked the poor people living in Brazil who would never afford a Huawei smartphone. A follow-up tweet was directly aimed at Apple and used words that can’t be reproduced here and which ended with the phrase “We are the best!”.

You can see the second tweet in the photo embedded below, and I’m pretty sure you can guess what’s hiding under the blurred part.

Huawei: We got hacked

After the tweets eventually got removed, Huawei explained that its Brazilian Twitter account was hacked, and this is how the offensive messages aimed at Apple and at people in Brazil ended up online.

A very convenient hack, some would say, especially because the hacker didn’t necessarily seem interested in doing any harm to Huawei, but only wanted to insult the competition.

As for the reference to how expensive Huawei phones are in Brazil, the company said it got the message and promised bigger discounts for customers in the country. In other words, Huawei acknowledged that its smartphones are too expensive for many Brazilian buyers, so it wants to make them a bit more affordable with price cuts that would start on Black Friday.

Whether or not this will happen is something that remains to be seen. But what remains after this new incident is Huawei, hacked or not, publicly taking a jack at Apple one more time.

The second tweet aimed at Apple

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