Huawei Says It Doesn’t Need Google Apps to Conquer the World

Huawei still isn’t allowed to use the licensed version of Android and Google apps on its devices, but this isn’t necessarily a long-term concern for company founder Ren Zhengfei, according to a recent interview with CNN.

The Chinese tech giant was blacklisted by the United States government back in May, being banned from working with American companies and using their products. This means Huawei can no longer use products like Android and Windows, but also apps developed by Google, on its new devices.

Ren, however, says this won’t be a problem going forward, and Huawei will still become the number one phone manufacturer, even without Google apps.

“I don’t think that would be a problem, but it just takes time,” he was quoted as saying by AA.

“When I say it takes time, what I’m referring to is the overseas market, because we will return to the overseas market next year, and the year after that.”

Huawei OS in the works

Indeed, some of the products that Huawei has released recently are specifically aimed at the Chinese market where the lack of Google apps isn’t necessarily a problem. But when it comes to international markets, Huawei needs to turn to a backup plan, which most likely comes down to building its very own operating system to power new devices.

Ren says the Chinese firm is already working on what he described as a “very large scale” project, which without a doubt involves an operating system to replace Android and Google apps. How long it’s going to take to go live is something that remains to be seen, albeit it goes without saying that the sooner Huawei finalizes this project, the smaller impact the result of the US ban is going to be.

Microsoft has recently received a temporary license to do business with Huawei once again, but Ren said that no decision in Google’s case has been made.

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