iPhone 11 Could Come with Wrong Accessories in the Box

Fast charging has been around for a long time in the Android world, but Apple has decided to offer such capabilities on the iPhone only a few years ago when it introduced the iPhone X.

Needless to say, fast charging has since been further polished, so the latest-generation iPhone model comes with USB-C to Lightning cable and a 18W charging adapter for even increased speed.

And at first glance, this is exactly how things are supposed to be in the first place, as spending more than $1,000 on a phone should at least guarantee that you benefit from (almost) the maximum charging speed.

Hello, USB-A cable!

But as per a report from svetapple.sk, this isn’t really what happened in the case of an iPhone Pro Max customer.

Photos that the Apple buyer posted online show that instead of the USB-C to Lightning cable, what he received was the older USB-A to Lightning, which only works with a 5W adapter and obviously is much slower. Oddly enough, the charger included in the box did come with USB-C, so using the cable that he received with the iPhone 11 Pro Max was pretty much impossible with the existing accessories.

The report reveals that the Apple customer already reached out to the Apple Store, and while an update wasn’t provided, I’m pretty sure the staff there agreed to replace the cable with the new model.

This is without a doubt a reminder for everyone to check out every single accessory in the box of the iPhone 11 when they purchase the device. By the looks of things, even Apple, which insists so much for premium packaging, makes mistakes, so if you discover the wrong accessories in the box, just contact them without using and unpacking them.


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