Is Apple FINALLY the Best for Gaming?

Anthony also has been Jailbreaking his iPhones as well what doesn’t this man do…..
TLDR for Jailbreak things:
– Cydia was shutdown because Saurik the creator of Cydia aka Jailbreaking for the most part got sick of the community a few years ago.
– This Boot ROM exploit will change the Field of JBing entirely as more eyes are put on the community more will be created to profit from said community and I can’t wait to see what comes of this.
– Also U can simply create a website or an app that will let u download the latest IPSW aka the file u get from Apple to update to a certain firmware. And u can then continually resign your JB indefinitely if u want more info go check out @Pwn20wnd’s Twitter for updates on JB things fyi he made his own Jailbreak for all of iOS 11.0 through to iOS 12.4 a massive feat because it covers EVERY DEVICE but the new ones.

Hes great at what he does and u guys should see it.

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