Let’s talk about our big mistake…

The computer-hardware you buy is always “obsolete” immediately, because there will always be better computer-technology. – But is it obsolete for what YOU want it to do?? – I mean, you don’t buy something for what it DOESN’T do. You likely bought a certain processor because you looked up its capabilities and agreed with that. – For example, I knew Ryzen 3000 was coming but I still went for the much-used 2600. Not only is it a lot more affordable now (plus, it was on sale for a significant lower price when I bought it), the 300-equivalent, being the 3600, is only about 15% faster in general. – And again, it will do what I need it to do, until perhaps there are games and applications that will be more demanding in a few years (or even sooner than that). – But I’m not going to buy the slightly newer generation for a significant amount more money when there will be something that will make for a bigger jump, say with the 4000 series, when that time comes. – And personally, I’m jumping from a first generation i5 (that’s about a DECADE ago) to Ryzen anyway. So that’s about an 8 generation jump for me personally anyway. It’ll be good.

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