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TUARAN: UPKO acting President Datuk Seri Wilfred Madius Tangau calls for Tan Sri Richard Malanjum to be appointed as Chief Justice.

“Tan Sri Malanjum has a proven track record and have proven himself throughout the years with his exemplary achievements. He is the most senior and most experienced judge at the Federal Court today and he should be given the opportunity to serve as our CJ,” said Wilfred in a statement today.

“We talk so much about meritocracy, so let’s walk the talk and pick a good candidate.

“I remember among the many notable things that Malanjum had done over the years. But one of the most transformative but perhaps not known by many was his determination to transform the Sabah and Sarawak court system a couple of years back. Malanjum believed strongly that we needed to upgrade and transform the courts by introducing the e-filling system for all the courts for court processes. Instead of suggesting and waiting for someone else to do it, he actually funded the entire exercise by forking out his own money to implement the new system.”

“The e-filling system introduced and implemented by Malanjum has been very effective and this is a testament that he means business and he is a leader. Besides, Malanjum is hands-on, apart from being known to be effective and approachable. This is particularly important because one of the responsibilities of the CJ is to manage all the judges and maintaining the relationship with the BAR, as well as maintaining the efficacy of the courts. This is the right man to take up this position,” added Wilfred Tangau.

He stressed Momogun community is also proud of Malanjum who has contributed so much to Malaysia as a learned Judge and has accomplished what few have been able to achieve in the legal fraternity.

Malanjum, said Tangau, is an exemplary Malaysian and a leading role model for the Momogun youth.

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