Microsoft Announces the First Microsoft Edge Beta Update

Microsoft has released the very first update for Microsoft Edge Beta, bringing the browser to version in this particular testing channel.

According to the Microsoft Edge schedule, the Canary build of the browser receives updates on a daily basis, whereas the Dev channel is updated every week. Microsoft Edge Beta gets new improvements every six weeks.

With today’s update, Microsoft Edge Beta receives new features and refinements that have previously been tested in Canary and Dev builds, including tracking prevention that is set by default to the Balanced level.

The beta build also comes with a new Favorites button on the toolbar, which is supposed to make it easier for users to access their bookmarks. The button can be removed if you want to keep the UI as clean as possible from the Settings screen.

Known issues

Microsoft Edge Beta now features sync support for passwords, addresses, and other data across not only desktops powered by Windows, but also other devices where Microsoft Edge is installed.

“If you are logged in to Microsoft Edge Beta with sync enabled, your passwords and other form data like addresses, phone numbers, and email will automatically sync with your other Microsoft Edge insider channels,” Microsoft says. “If you are already signed in with a Microsoft Account and have sync enabled the new password and form-fill data sync has been automatically enabled for you.”

Needless to say, there are also several other fixes, so the general performance of the browser should be substantially refined.

On the other hand, the new beta build also comes with a couple of known issues, one of which affects Chrome Web Store extensions.

Microsoft says that extensions that use Google Account functionality to sign in or sync data might not work correctly in Microsoft Edge. The same thing for extensions that need a companion app on a PC, and fixes for both issues are already in the works.

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