Microsoft Edge Dev Updated with Two New Features and Lots of Fixes

Microsoft has released a new Microsoft Edge Dev with several important changes and a plethora of bug fixes.

First and foremost, the most important thing to know about Edge Dev build 80.0.334.2 is that it comes with sync disabled by default. The sync process was broken down last week, and Microsoft decided to disable it completely in this release to prevent data duplication.

Most likely, the feature will be re-enabled in a future update when the bug is resolved, but an ETA isn’t available just yet.

The new Microsoft Edge Dev build also introduces a new favorites control that comes down to a right-click option to sort individual folders by name from the Favorites management page.

Additionally, this update introduces tracking improvements when using the InPrivate browsing mode. Beginning with this week’s update, Microsoft Edge Dev introduces a new setting to always use Strict Tracking Prevention in InPrivate windows.

By default, Strict Tracking Prevention level blocks the majority of trackers from all sites and harmful trackers, with minimal personalization for content and ads. However, note that parts of sites might not work if this level is enabled.

Lots of bug fixes

As said, this new Microsoft Edge Dev build also comes with plenty of fixes, including for crashes experienced on launch or when closing tabs with websites blocked by SmartScreen.

There’s one known bug that affects jump lists on Windows 10.

“Jumplist entries are not consistent between the Start Menu and the Task Bar for some users. We believe this is due to the shortcut on the Start Menu not getting migrated properly after an Edge update and are working on a fix.  Additionally, after getting the update for the new icon, there are still places on the Start Menu, for example when searching, that still show the old icon. Other places like the Task Bar may be able to be fixed by un-pinning and then re-pinning any Edge shortcuts that already exist there,” Microsoft explains.

Find the full changelog in the box after the jump and head over to the link above to download Microsoft Edge Dev.

Microsoft Edge Dev Build 80.0.334.2

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