Microsoft just announced a Surface Android phone… with two screens

In a startling surprise, Microsoft has announced a new phone at its 2019 Surface event, which just wrapped up. Not just any phone, either — an Android phone. The new Surface Duo is a dual-screen folding device running a heavily skinned version of Android, and it even has access to the Play Store.

Microsoft’s focus when it comes to the dual-screen folding Duo is productivity, it’s all about “what you can do on it.” The hinge allows for you to set the device in all sorts of “postures” as Microsoft calls them, allowing for more productive work on the go, paired with the enhancements of a dual-display workflow. “We absolutely know scientifically that you will be more productive on two screens.” …okay.

Microsoft isn’t doing this alone, though. Windows phone may be dead as a doornail, but it’s working together with its one-time platform frenemy on the new device, “we’re partnering with Google to bring out the absolute best of Android.”

Unfortunately for us, the Surface Duo isn’t slated to land until the Holiday season of 2020, or around a year from now.


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