Microsoft Releases Major Windows Terminal Update with New Features

Microsoft has released a new version of Windows Terminal, and the changelog includes plenty of new features.

Now at version 0.7, Windows Terminal also includes pane support, which means that you can split the Terminal window into multiple panes. However, at this point only the default profile is supported, but Microsoft says that it’s working on adding support for opening other profiles in a pane in a future update.

Then, this update also introduces tab reordering, but once again, this feature comes with its own limitations. Due to a bug, tab reordering does not work with administrator rights (when running Terminal as administrator), and the app crashes when you attempt to use this feature. Microsoft says the UI of the tab also disappears occasionally when reordering, but fixes are already on the way.

Cascade Code improvements

There’s a new option that allows users to suppress the application title when using Windows Terminal.

“You can now suppress all title change events that are sent from the application running within your Terminal. This means, you can have either the “name” or “tabTitle” of your profile appear in your tab without it updating! This implementation mimics the original “tabTitle” functionality released in v0.3. By setting “suppressApplicationTitle” to true, if you have “tabTitle” set, “tabTitle” will appear in your tab. Otherwise, the profile’s “name” will appear in your tab,” Kayla Cinnamon, Program Manager, Windows Terminal, Console, & Command-Line, explains.

In terms of UI improvements, the most noticeable change is the removal of the thick border around the Terminal and it now uses the accent color that you configured in Windows 10. By default, if this setting is not enabled, the border is set to white.

And of course, there are several other minor improvements, including a series of Cascade Code, which is now available in Greek, Cyrilic, and Vietnamese.

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