Microsoft to Launch a New Option for Pinning Sites to Windows 10 Taskbar

Microsoft is working on a new feature for the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser that will make it a bit more straightforward for users to pin sites to the Windows 10 taskbar.

The new option is developed as a wizard, and it technically requires users to just follow a series of steps to pin a webpage to the taskbar.

The whole purpose of the feature is to make web apps more common on Windows 10, especially as the number of PWAs keeps growing every day. The majority of browsers already support PWAs, and Microsoft hopes that with this wizard, more users would stick with Edge because it makes it easier to work with web apps going forward.

The new option is located under Tools > More Tools and is called “Launch pin to taskbar wizard,” as per a discovery from reddit user Leo Varela.

Controlled feature rollout

It’s currently in testing stage, and it should go live for users running Canary and Dev builds of Microsoft Edge rather sooner than later. There’s no flag to enable the feature, as it’s released as part of Microsoft’s controlled feature rollout.

Once clicked, the wizard displays a list of Microsoft services that can be pinned to the taskbar, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft News, and Bing. Each comes with a short description, and users just need to check the app to pin it.

Additionally, the wizard also lets users pin the websites they already loaded in Microsoft Edge to the taskbar. Again, the interface comes down to a single UI that displays the list of websites, and simply clicking a checkbox next to each of them is enough to pin them to the taskbar.

Microsoft is yet to announce this feature, but it already seems to be rather polished, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes live in testing builds of the browser in the next few updates.

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