Microsoft’s Windows 10 Action Center Fix Breaks Down the Action Center

Microsoft has recently resolved the Action Center transparency bug in Windows 10, but as it turns out, this fix actually causes a different Action Center issue that once seen can’t be unseen.

Earlier this year, Windows 10 was hit by a transparency issue that caused the acrylic effect to load after the launching animation of the Action Center was complete, which means the whole process was easily noticeable every time the Action Center was clicked.

Windows 10 build 19002 finally resolved this problem, restoring the normal behavior of the Action Center and fixing the transparency and the acrylic effect loading glitch ahead of the public launch of the 20H1 feature update next year.

New fix, new bug

But as redddit user Leopeva64-2 notes in a new post, the transparency fix might have caused a misalignment problem in the latest preview build.

According to his findings, the width of the quick action tiles hasn’t been adjusted, which means they’re no longer aligned with the “Clear all notifications” text that you can see in the Action Center.

A GIF comparing the Action Center settings in Windows 10 build 19002 and 18999 shows this indeed seems to be the case, albeit the fix could also come down to the Action Center itself reducing the overall width when being expanded.

Windows 10 20H1 is due in the spring of 2020, but there’s also a chance that the fix is backported to Windows 10 19H2 and released to all production devices in the coming weeks.

However, given the transparency fix leads to other glitches, there’s a chance Microsoft waits for a full patch before rolling it out to everyone, so I’m guessing a future cumulative update has more chances to restore the correct behavior of the Action Center in production builds of Windows 10.

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