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Dr Michael Teo

MIRI: The Sarawak government has been asked to temporarily suspend the RM3.36 million Wireless Walk upgrading project.

Miri member of parliament Dr Michael Teo claimed this is because the public have complained of poor hygiene, overcrowding, and traffic congestion related to the project at North Yu Seng Road.

“It is better for the state government to temporarily suspend the project pending engagement and agreement with all stakeholders,” he said in a statement on Thursday.

“The 500-metre Wireless Walk, with 66 stalls and 12 washrooms, will be overcrowded and unrealistic as each stall would be too small for any viable business.”

The area is also supposed to accommodate five food trucks and offer WiFi facilities.

According to Dr Teo, the waste management and sanitation issues for the project should be resolved first, while a traffic and environmental impact assessment should also be conducted.

He said this is to prevent a negative impact on Miri’s resort city image.

The Wireless Walk upgrading project began in February and is scheduled to be completed in October.

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