About a yr in the past, Apple introduced an enormous change to Apple Maps. It wasn’t about new options in the Maps app (although there are new options coming in iOS 13), however moderately an entire overhaul of the basic map information. Buildings, rivers, roads, vegetation; it’s all vastly extra detailed and correct in the new maps.

Apple started rolling out the new mapping information to Northern California simply after its announcement, with a promise to proceed rolling out new maps to the remainder of the U.S. “over the next year.” Southern California and Hawaii adopted in late 2018, then components of the southwest in April 2019.

Now the new maps are rolling out to Texas, Louisiana, and Southern Mississippi. If you reside in these areas, it’s best to discover new the new maps straight away—you don’t have to obtain a brand new iOS replace. 

Updated 08/13/19: According to MacRumors, the new maps are now rolling out to a number of areas in the northeastern U.S., together with Maine, New York, Washington D.C., and Pennsylvania.

Since the introduction of Apple Maps in iOS 6, the firm has relied on information offered by a number of outdoor sources that it then mixed into one unified map. This helped Apple get its mapping undertaking off the floor rapidly, however has usually resulted in less-than-stellar element and made it troublesome to rapidly make corrections. Apple’s new maps depend on information that Apple has full possession and management over. It’s vastly extra detailed and correct, and Apple can rapidly make changes to repair errors and hold the map present.


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