No Chance for Microsoft Edge as Google Chrome Still Dominates

Microsoft is working on a new Chromium-based version of Microsoft Edge, but in the meantime, it just looks like Google Chrome has nothing to worry about, as it continues to dominate the browser market in a way that gives no hope to any other rival.

Data provided by NetMarketShare indicates that Google Chrome indeed recorded a slight decline in October 2019 versus the previous month, but this is nothing to be worried about, as Google’s browser is still the preferred choice for nearly 7 in 10 desktop users.

Google Chrome dropped from 68.33% in September to 67.39% in October, but the runner-up is still very far behind, according to the new set of stats.

Mozilla Firefox, which secured the second spot, experienced a small decline as well, going from 8.68% two months ago to 8.63% in October, but the 58.76% difference versus Google Chrome makes it impossible to see a change of places anytime soon.

Chromium Edge on the way

Internet Explorer remains the third most-used desktop browser despite no longer receiving anything else besides security patches. Microsoft is now encouraging customers to switch to Microsoft Edge and even recommends against using Internet Explorer as a daily driver.

Internet Explorer currently has a market share of 6.37%, higher than the one of Microsoft Edge, which currently sits at 6.09%.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is pushing hard to finalize the Chromium-based browser, but for the time being, no ETA is actually available.

I do believe that the plan is to bring Edge to the market as a stable build in early 2020 before making it the new default in Windows 10 with the 20H1 feature update. For the time being, users can give it a try by downloading the Canary, Dev, and Beta builds that are offered on Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and macOS.

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