Opera for Android 55 Released with Major Dark Mode Improvements

The battle for the best browser on desktop and mobile is quite fierce, and despite Google Chrome commanding the biggest share right now, there are plenty of alternatives out there that are at least worth taking into consideration.

One of them is Opera for Android, the browser that has just reached version 55 and which now comes with major improvements for the night mode and its dark theme.

First and foremost, the browser sports a new night mode that lets users control how they want this feature to work, providing them with dedicated options to adjust color temperature and dimming.

“By adjusting the color temperature (suppressing the blue light components), we can limit the effects of late night browsing, making it easier to relax and fall asleep. Use the color temperature slider to find your own balance between picture-perfect and relaxing,” Opera explains.

Full dark mode

The blue light filter works pretty much the same way it does on the desktop, for example, so the built-in sliders let you pick the value that is the best for you.

Then, beginning with this version, Opera boasts a feature that creates dark web pages, which pretty much consists of a series of CSS tweaks to enhance night browsing and reduce the amount of light that you see on the screen and which makes looking at the display more difficult in a dark room.

Furthermore, Opera can also dim down the keyboard if you’re not using a dark theme already, and even create your own schedule for activating the dark mode just when you need it. This is something that we’ve already seen in desktop apps like f.lux and even Windows 10, and it’s without a doubt a welcome addition to the Android browser.

Opera 55 for Android also introduces a new tab switching gesture that lets you jump from one tab to another by simply swiping the bottom bar in the main screen. And last but not least, there is full support for Android 10 and a series of other under-the-hood improvements for a more polished experience overall.


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