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OPPO and Vivo that belong to BBK Electronics from China gained decent market share in India by aggressively selling their phones offline. But now, OPPO is all set to launch their online sub-brand, Realme.

The Realme 1 will be the first smartphone under the new brand. The Chinese smartphone maker has confirmed the date for their launching on 15th of May and it will be exclusively available for purchase through Amazon India.

Realme 1 is rumoured to be priced between Rs 8000 (~RM470) and Rs 15000 (~RM883). The all new sub-brand is aimed towards youth with stylish design and impressive specs.The banner on Amazon India revealed that the upcoming Realme phone would be featuring a unique Diamond Black design. The Realme series will features AI capabilities.

The rear design of Realme 1 resembles with the rear design of the OPPO A3 phone that was recently launched in China. Hence, Realme 1 is probably a rebranded OPPO A3. It is not stylish if it doesn’t features a notch design, Realme will features a notch design and AI-based beautification, scene recognition and 128-point facial identification features.

Will the sub-brand strategy works for OPPO in disturbing Xiaomi as No. 1 in the India market? Lei Jun, Xiaomi CEO do admit that that the Mi MIX 2 was not well received in the country. However, the Redmi and Redmi Note series have been so successful for Xiaomi that it has managed to dethrone Samsung to become the number smartphone brand in India.

Dual branding has worked for some companies in China but it failed in India market. Will OPPO able to disturb Redmi series sales with the dual branding strategy?



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