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Wong inspecting flooded parking space at the Luyang Health Clinic.

KOTA KINABALU: Priority must be given to roofing problems at the Luyang Health Clinic, said Health and People’s Wellbeing Minister Stephen Wong, who upon inspection found several buckets laid out to collect water.

“The condition of the clinic is very critical. Infrastructure damage has been there for quite some time and application has already been made for repairs but they have received nothing to this day.

“The most serious situation is the leaking roof, which has sustained a lot of damage. Because of this, many air conditioners are not functioning due to compromised wiring, which is worse during the rainy season,” he said.

Wong reiterated similar problems at the Harrington Maternal and Child Health Clinic, which only has 11 working air conditioners out of 23, also due to poor wiring causing frequent power trips.

“I was told there are enough funds for wiring and air conditioning repairs but presently, there are only six newly installed air conditioners and it is unsure if the rest will be fixed.

“The management at the clinic has not received word on that, but we will look into it because we want to improve experience for patients,” he added.

Meanwhile, Wong said the Chief Minister’s department had allocated a RM31.2 million budget for a dental specialist clinic.

This is following a report from the Luyang clinic that dental services receive some of the highest demands as it is one of the only government clinics that provide such services in the KK area.

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