Samsung Accidentally Sends Notification That Makes People Think They Got Hacked

A notification that showed up on a number of Galaxy phones made people think they got hacked, as the message didn’t include anything else than two 1s on top of each other.

The notification was issued by Find My Mobile, according to this reddit thread, and showed up all of a sudden, without users logging in or making any changes to their accounts.

By the looks of things, this notification was displayed on the Galaxy S10 and older phones, including Note 8 and Note 9. It didn’t show up on our Samsung phones here at Softpedia.

“Someone knows where I live”

Needless to say, some of the users who received this odd notification believed they got hacked.

“I got that exact notification also on Note 8. It scared the s** out of me, I thought someone got into my Samsung account and now knows where I live lol,” one user says in the linked reddit thread. “Same here. Genuinely thought I got hacked or something,” another one adds.

According to one redditor who reached out to Samsung’s customer service, it was all caused by a server glitch, so users who received the notification can very well dismiss it.

The company, however, is yet to provide any official statement on this blunder. No information was shared on Twitter by Samsung’s official accounts either, and the official Samsung Support account, for example, hasn’t posted anything in the last 3 hours.

For the time being, it looks like there’s nothing you should be concerned about, so you can very well dismiss the notification and continue using your phone safely. I wouldn’t necessarily be surprised if many of those who got the notification are changing their passwords as we speak, especially as Samsung remains tight-lipped on the whole thing.

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