Samsung to Release Android 10 Update in January 2020

Samsung is currently beta-testing the Android 10 update for its flagship devices, but so far, the company hasn’t said a single thing about the projected release date of the stable version.

But according to a recent update roadmap published by Samsung Israel, the first Samsung devices could get Android 10 in January 2020, and not in late 2019 as it was originally speculated.

As per SamMobile, Galaxy S10 and Note10 are the two models to receive the update to Android 10 in the first month of the next year, although it’s worth emphasizing that Samsung will use a gradual rollout and some devices will be updated faster than others.

No word from Samsung

This is an approach that Samsung has used for the previous Android updates as well, and this could be an indication that in other markets, the Android 10 update might actually see daylight a bit earlier.

Google has previously suggested that Samsung would roll out Android 10 for its devices in late 2019, and given it’s almost December, it made sense for the company to push the update to the first models just before Christmas. This is a timing that aligns with the one used for Android 9, when the first Samsung flagships received the update in December as well. The rollout then continued in 2020, with the majority of devices receiving Android 10 in the first half of the year.

Despite this leak, Samsung has decided to remain completely tightlipped on when we’re supposed to get the Android 10 update, so our only option right now is to wait for the rollout to production devices to officially kick off. Users who can’t wait for Samsung to push the go-ahead button for the update can enter the beta program and install preview builds of Android 10 on their devices.

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