Samsung’s Cheaper Flagship Could Launch as “Galaxy Note10 Lite”

Samsung is believed to be working on a more affordable version of the Galaxy Note10 series, and according to a new report, the device might carry the Lite branding.

SamMobile writes that contrary to recent speculation, the new cheaper device won’t be called Galaxy Note10e, but launch as Galaxy Note10 Lite.

While very little is known about this model for the time being, it’s expected to hit the market by the time the Galaxy S11 receives the go-ahead as well, which according to the typical release schedule, should go live in February.

A November or December release seems more likely though, as Samsung could thus benefit from the growing sales during the holiday season, while at the same time giving the Galaxy Note10 Lite more exclusive time on the market before the S11 ships.

Feature rumors

Calling this model Galaxy Note10e would have allowed Samsung to align the Note brand with the one of the Galaxy S.

At this point, Samsung’s Galaxy S10 is available in four different versions, namely Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10 5G. The e-branded model is the cheapest in the lineup, and going for this naming for the Note10 would have allowed the company to create a new series that would represent the more affordable version of its flagships.

As far as the feature lineup of the Note10 Lite is concerned, not much is known at this point, albeit the aforementioned source claims it’ll be offered in two versions, namely black and red.

Without a doubt, an S Pen will obviously be offered, as this is the essence of the Galaxy Note lineup, but it’ll certainly be interesting to see how Samsung manages to reduce the price of this device without actually removing too many features from it.

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