Tails 4.0 Anonymous OS Release Candidate Out Now with Tor Browser 9.0, Linux 5.3

The development team behind the Tails amnesic incognito live system, also known as the Anonymous OS, have announced today the Release Candidate (RC) version of the upcoming Tails 4.0 release.

Powered by the latest Linux 5.3.2 kernel, Tails 4.0 Release Candidate is packed with up-to-date technologies to better protect your privacy when surfing the Internet. It comes with the latest alpha version of the upcoming TOR Browser 9.0 anonymous web browser based on Firefox 68.1.0 ESR, as well as the newest Tor release.

Tails 4.0 Release Candidate also updates Electrum to version 3.3.8, which is fully compatible with the current Bitcoin network, and improves the usability of the Tails Greeter by making it easier to select languages, simplifying the list of keyboard layouts, fixing the Formats setting, and preventing additional settings from being applied when clicking on the Cancel or Back buttons.

Tails 4.0 is scheduled for release on October 22nd

On top of the improvements and updates mentioned above, the Release Candidate of Tails 4.0 also fixes the delivery of WhisperBack reports, as well as numerous other issues. However, some known issues are still present, such as the on-screen keyboard doesn’t allow input of accentuated characters, spellchecking only works for the English language, and Unsafe Browser tabs have the “Private Browsing” name.

Of course, all these bugs will be squashed in the final release of Tails 4.0, which will be based on Debian GNU/Linux 10 “Buster” and scheduled for release later this month on October 22nd. Until then, we invite our readers to test drive the Release Candidate by downloading the ISO or USB images from our free Linux software portal. Please keep in mind though that this is a pre-release version, not suitable for any production work.


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