The Surface Centaurus Might Run Android Apps. Is That a Good Idea?

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A leaked report from Forbes has dropped specs for Microsoft’s next Surface 2-in-1, code-named Centaurus In addition to dual, 9-inch screens and an Intel 10nm Lakefield processor, one other important detail was leaked. Android apps. That’s right. A Microsoft Surface device in the future could launch with Android apps and the Google Play Store built-in.

These types of leaks should always be taken with a grain of salt, but let’s imagine for a moment the report is true. Are Android apps a good idea?

Android apps could be exactly what the Surface needs

In an interview just last week, Microsoft founder Bill Gates was asked his biggest regret from his time with Microsoft. His answer? Android apps. Owning the second-largest mobile app ecosystem was something Microsoft might have been able to do if mobile had been a serious part of the roadmap early on. Instead, the Windows Phone platform played third fiddle to iOS and Android. Apps never made their way to the platform in large numbers, even major ones like Instagram and YouTube.

That problem lingers on Windows 10 tablets. Despite the success of Microsoft’s 2-in-1s like the Surface Pro or Surface Go,…

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